Five top tips for fabulous flyering

The success of your flyer campaign depends on many factors from design sense to communication skills and marketing know-how. With so many elements involved, there’s always a risk of your message getting lost on its way from your brain to your soon-to-be satisfied customers’. At we aim to please, so we’ve come up with five creative tips for using leaflets and flyers, making sure more of them end up in the right hands and work harder to drive your business.


1. Take aim

The most important part of an effective leaflet campaign starts with a clear idea of who you’re talking to. This colours how you approach everything from the leaflet design to the wording and distribution. So for instance if you are promoting a club that plays electronic dance music, you know your demographic is going to be 18 – 35, hedonistic and trendy, so you can go mad with flyer designs featuring futuristic fonts, neon colourways and out-there imagery. Meanwhile leaflet designs for a pizza restaurant need much broader appeal because everyone likes pizza (right?) and you don’t want to lose potential customers with flyers that are trying to be too clever.


2. Say it right

Have mercy on your flyer – it’s only little. A common mistake many businesses make is trying to cram loads of information about their brand onto an A5 piece of paper. Stop it – you’re coming on too strong! The flyer is just the opener – you can get all deep and meaningful with your customer on social media further down the line (so be sure to include this info). Work out what you want to say, and distil it into a few well-chosen words. The headline is by far the most important piece of copy on your leaflet (most people won’t read further) so it’s got to be right, whether that’s straight up ‘does what it says on the tin’, or curious word play that grabs attention.


3. Think visually

A well-chosen image packs a powerful, instant punch that can move a person to pick up your flyer. It may be tied to a product (double pepperoni dripping with melted mozzarella) or used to evoke the mood of an event (flapper girls for a club night). You can literally channel all the positive values of your chosen pic into your brand, event or promotion by way of the print leaflets. Complement your image with fonts and colourways that paint an irresistible picture of your offering. Make full use of the colourful possibilities of digital leaflet printing, with strong hues and photographic images. Try a gloss finish for extra pizzazz and go for lovely, quality paper to give your proposal the aura of luxury.



4. Make it happen

Now that you have a person’s attention – what are you going to do with it? You have just moments to convert passing interest in how your flyer looks into action on the part of the potential customer. So make sure your call to action stands out, and is attractive enough to provoke a positive response – even if that’s just putting it in their bag for later. Try discounts, coupons or special promotions that are worth a second look. If your leaflet is for an event, make sure the time, date and place are easy to read. If the flyer is for a shop, make sure people can find it by including a map. Use a QR code on your flyer printing to help you track the response rate and direct people to more information online.


5. Fire!

So you’ve found design inspiration and pulled together all the right words, images, colours and graphics into a stunning flyer design. Don’t fall at the final hurdle by randomly frittering away your lovely leaflets into the hands of people who are not in the market for your offering. If you make wedding cakes, hand out flyers at wedding trade shows. Can you pay to have your flyers inserted into a publication that’s read by your target market? Or put them on the counter at a shop or café where your customers hang out? Handing out leaflets to passers-by in the street can work if the time and place is right – eg outside a café serving hot doughnuts. If you can get the person handing out the leaflets to dress as a giant doughnut, so much the better. But then we’re getting into the realm of flyering as theatre – and that’s a whole separate blog post!


Have you designed your own flyer campaign? Share your tips with us by commenting below. 



C Hiazos
27 Apr 2014 23:33
great tips
Alex Wilkie
28 Apr 2014 09:31
not designed yet, will be in the future
28 Apr 2014 20:01
Some nice tips here.
Su Mwamba
11 May 2014 21:19
A lot of really helpful tips here. I think good flyers, like business cards, are essential if you want potential customers to remember you. You really can't rely on other people's bad memories or poor spelling - you need to make sure they have that essential info written down & at their fingertips for the moment they realise they can't live without...whatever it is you do! ;)
Tina Mammoser
29 May 2014 20:48
A great summary of top tips! I've learned #5 the hard way by spending hours leafleting neighbourhoods I shouldn't have. :(
Catherine Marshall
11 Nov 2014 19:29
Great tips! I would also make sure that you have someone else look over your work so that you do not have any typos!
09 Mar 2016 12:25
another set of really useful tips, thanks :)

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