Customer creative special - The Great British Bake Off

The Great British Bake Off has once again dominated TV screens, and we can’t get enough!   

Before the thirst for Selasi, Val’s dancing, and Candice’s epic rotating lipstick wardrobe, we gathered the very best designs from our creative, and by the looks of things, cake loving customers. 

So, as we bid adieu to another #GBBO series, we had to feature the cakey creations once more. These designs are almost too delicious looking to devour (if they were actually edible).

Let’s stop loafing about and have a gander at the below! 


Greeting cards by Holly Illustrates


Freelance designer and illustrator Holly Sims set up her home studio in 2014 on the outskirts of London. She’s a bit of pro, designing for a greeting card company in the capital in the day, and working on her own ranges in her spare time.

While she’s the only illustrator we’ve come across on Twitter who thinks drinking tea is a big dough-not (get it?), we can forgive her because her ‘Grand Budapest Hotel Mendl’s Cake’ looks simply stunning. Holly’s ‘I’m So Fancy’ cake illustration square card is also perfect for cake lovers as well as those with a sassy disposition.

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Greeting cards by Paper Fudge


The Manchester based wedding stationer and greeting card designer is a familiar face on our blog, and her love of cakes is well known – just look at her Twitter for daily #GBBO musings. Suzy’s designs are well known for the unique doodling style, and with everything hand drawn, this greeting card is pastel perfect for the pastry chef in your life.

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James Carless


We have a soft spot for James here (a gooey centre you may say), and it’s probably because he loves food as much as us! His cake, caught quite literally, with the cakes, is basically us in bake form. James creates greeting cards of food reimagined as little characters, so if you have a favourite bake, it might in his range, you never know!

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Rounded stickers by Kake & Cupkakery


Yvonne Donald, better known as Chief Kake Lady, has been busy turning her hobby into a full blown cake business over the last four years. Her cakes we imagine are absolutely delicious (unfortunately we aren’t based near enough to test them out and we are gutted) because Yvonne, who’s a qualified chef with a Master’s degree in hospitality, was a National Cupcake Championship finalist in 2015.  

Based in Birmingham, Yvonne orders her rounded stickers through us, which are perfect for catering and beverage customers. We also now offer mini cards if you’d like to copy her monochrome logo cards in the picture above.

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Greeting cards by Bird House Press


Rach McGreal is a familiar face on the blog too, she’s even been an intrepid reporter for us! She’s been busy expanding her greeting card collection, focusing this time on biscuits and cookies. Her whimsical and humorous designs are great fun while being sweet at the same time. (Swiss) Roll on biscuit week Bake Off!

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Greeting cards by Nicola Hanrahan


Leeds based illustrator and surface pattern designer is passionate about wildlife, pretty tea sets and delicious cakes, probably from her childhood growing up in Yorkshire. She’s still a big fan of quaint country tea rooms, as you can see from her designs. We wouldn’t be that happy in real life though if a cute bird swooped down and starting nibbling on our fondant fancies.  

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Greeting cards by Minifig Moments


Professional photographer Emma Scott runs Minifig Moments, and yes your pies (sorry eyes) do not deceive choux (you, again, apologies). They really are little LEGO people on her cards. She launched the business back 2014 after coming up with the unique idea for her Dad’s birthday. Emma now has a huge array of different characters and creative scenes, including The Great British Bake Off presenters and judges! You can even get yourself made into a character! Wow!

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While you’ve got nothing to prove (sorry for another bake related pun, blame Sue and Mel) we’d love to see any of your designs from us, cake related or not. 

P.S. Let us know your thoughts on the designs, and remember to post your baking puns by commenting below! 


26 Aug 2016 11:09
Nice work! I love the square cards with round corners.
28 Aug 2016 13:33
Minifig Moments bake off card is genius!
30 Aug 2016 19:55
Great seeing what people are up to
01 Sep 2016 09:07
Yum! Also, I love "Bakers gonna bake"!
Vicky Day
26 Oct 2016 18:41
They're all perfect designs! Can't wait for the final :-S
27 Oct 2016 14:01
Great designs! Loving the Lego judges!
01 Nov 2016 12:42
great designs
18 Feb 2017 10:04
talented designers :)
19 May 2017 21:02
The biscuits are soon cute!

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