5 reasons to ditch your wedding photo album

Everyone loves a good flip through the photo album, but why does it have to stop there? Your wedding is one of the biggest, most memorable days of your life, so don’t shut all those stunning shots away in a book!  We’ve come up with some brilliant ways to display a good-sized selection of your wedding photos in cool and creative ways.

Be my (Polaroid) sweetheart

What better way to celebrate a day of pure amore than with a kooky, DIY Polaroid print heart in pride of place on the wall? Select a stack of shots you love best, print them up as retro-style Polaroids and arrange them on a wall. Sticking them up is easy—just use a blob of Blu-tack.

Hang those memories out to dry
If kooky cuteness is really what you’re all about, then forget the Polaroid heart and get ready to fall in love with the Instagram print washing line. Nothing like Grandma’s pants hanging out on a piece of string, your gorgeous memories will dangle in an approachable and unusual way. What’s really great about this idea is that all your mates can forward you pictures they took, too.


Thank you, thank you vurry much
Use a thank you card to show everyone your fave pictures while simultaneously thanking them for their attendance. Some people even have special pictures taken on the day that they can use in their cards.

Dice with digital
Don’t lug your photo album around with you when visiting family and friends, just give them a digital disk containing all the shots you love! You can hand them out easily and give everyone a chance to print the shots they liked best, as well as keeping their own memories of the day. If you want to look like a real fancy pants, you can try printing up a disk label or CD cover so they’ll always be able to find your disk.

The great wall of collage
If you’re looking for something impactful and, quite frankly, astounding for all who enter your home, we’d recommend creating a collage of your favourite shots with canvas or photographic prints. Arranging them in an array of different sizes but keeping the frame style the same gives a cool, sophisticated ‘scatter’ effect that turns a wall into a feature.


If you got creative with your wedding photography, why not leave a comment in the box below and share your ideas?


12 Sep 2014 14:02
Love both the polarioid and canvas ideas :-)
David Brookes
12 Sep 2014 21:12
Some cool ideas here :-)
15 Sep 2014 11:15
Love the instagram print washing line!
Charlotte Barrett
18 Dec 2014 13:49
All of our wedding photos were on digital cd for us so we could then use them how we wanted!
28 Apr 2016 08:21
canvas themed photos works really well

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