White ink postcards: what you need to know

White ink business cards have been around for a while now, but it is time for a fresh collaboration – white ink for postcards.

Innovative white ink postcards give you the perfect opportunity to flex your design muscles and earn some serious creative kudos. Combine this sophisticated, striking finish with a choice of 7 uncoated coloured papers and you’re onto a real client-impressing winner.


So how can you make the most of this ice cool buddy for postcard perfection? We have a quick fire guide on this printing process right here.


What’s white ink when it’s at home?
You may be well acquainted with printing’s four main stars, CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black). The entire spectrum of printed colours are made up of these magnificent four…but not white. This elusive beast used to be rarer than a genuine yeti sighting until now.

The kind of white ink printing we offer is what print pros refer to as ‘spot white’. This basically means that the white ink appears as a colour in a design or is used as a highlight in a coloured design, like printing a white flower onto a coloured paper stock, for example. Because white is a light coloured ink, we need to make several passes to layer the ink up and get a stronger colour, which means the finished effect won’t be ‘paper white’ or opaque against the coloured card.


Why go white?
By adding white as the fifth colour in the CMYK printing process, you can enjoy all the colours you normally design with, but on a heavily pigmented substrate. This means getting effects like striking white text on black card.

Using white ink in your designs frees you up to all sorts of exciting creative opportunities. Instead of being limited to white or cream paper stocks, you can use vibrant, brightly coloured stocks and still get white colour in your artwork. Without white ink, the elements you colour white in your design will simply show as the colour of the paper underneath.


Get set for white ink

Creating artwork with white ink takes a little more jiggery pokery than the average print order. Because it’s a fancy fifth colour on the printing press, we’ll need your artwork file set up in a certain way so our system can read it properly. Without properly formatting your artwork file, there’s a good chance your finished print won’t come out the way you want it to, and that’s no fun for anyone. To make sure you folks can get set up, we created this downloadable artwork guide.

Meet the white ink paper stocks

The following paper stocks have been around for white ink so far. However, we also have some exciting introductions to the range as well. We hunted out the most pigmented, heavy-weight papers we could find so your cards will be as impressive to touch as they are to see. 

Already doing the rounds are:

  • Aubergine uncoated

The rich depths of aubergine skin could be the colour setting for your white ink. This is ideal for those that need something dark and sumptuous to complement white ink, but want to avoid black. 

  • Guardsman red uncoated

A regal red for bold designs. This is the kind of princely pigment that suits both up-market and every day styles. The traditional heritage vibe this paper exudes is warm and accessible.

  • Tangerine uncoated

It’s warm, invigorating and undoubtedly the colour of inspiration—turn your print into a tangerine machine with this juicy orange shade.

  • Black uncoated

It never goes out of fashion and it’s slimming! This shade of paper suits luxury brands and those that love a dash of darkness with their designs.

  • Cosmo pink uncoated

We love a bit of magenta down at, so when we saw this punchy pink number, we couldn’t resist. This is definitely a shade for designs that need to bring the sass. 

And the new boys in town are:


  • Urban grey uncoated

You can’t get cooler than urban grey. Edgy, sophisticated and classic, this pigment works for both out of the ordinary and chic designs. 

  • Royal blue uncoated

It isn’t called royal for no reason! This colour exudes regal quality and smacks home your messages with its bold pigmentation. Perfect for poshness and brashness alike, you can’t wrong with true blue.


Get excited, but be as ice cool as white ink. Quite frankly if one of you doesn’t send us a white ink postcard to say thanks, we’ll be devastated.

Start creating now:


Ruby Sommer
06 Aug 2016 19:10
I am so pleased that you have started printing white ink postcards! I have a client that I have been trying to source white ink printing for and these will suit her perfectly! Thank you!
09 Aug 2016 13:00
a fab addition to your range :)
Henrietta Beadle
11 Aug 2016 16:42
A brilliant way to achieve some of the same visual details of letterpress and screen printing but at an affordable price for my clients - thank you!
16 Aug 2016 09:34
Really happy this option has arrived, look forward to creating beautiful designs. The paper colours are so scrumptious, Thank you
16 Aug 2016 22:35
Need to try this!
Su Mwamba
20 Aug 2016 08:07
Looking forward to trying this out!
04 Dec 2016 09:54
love white ink!
28 Feb 2017 11:58
nice little video of design ideas for white ink, it's such a great product

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