How to invent new print products

How imaginative are you feeling? We’re putting the power back in your hands by showing you some of the ways you could be creating your own print products using favourites like business cards, postcards, brochures and posters. Because, as Juliet so aptly put it: what’s in a name?

We got on the telephone to the man in the know—Pre-press Manager, David Hornsby—to get you details on how to set up your artwork files so you can get started without any of the head scratching.

print product uses notebook

Blank notebooks A.K.A “wiro bound brochures”
There are a multitude of uses for a personalised notebook, and the best bit is that creating them takes very little effort. To make your own, all you’ll need to do is upload cover artwork and blank pages into a wiro bound brochure and we’ll do the rest.

David says: If you want a 40 page/side blank book with just print on the cover, you should start by creating a PDF which contains all the blank pages. So for example: the PDF should be cover then 38 blanks and 1 rear page at the end.

If you want to have the same page running through the book, you can just duplicate it and save it as a PDF in correct running order.

print product uses note cards

A.K.A “postcards”
This piece of stationery is a hipster’s dream: unusual, tactile and nostalgic. The best bit about notecards? They’re essentially just naked postcards! You can style these out however you want; plain with a single, simple design or monogram on the front, or patterned on the back and lined on the front.

We recommend merchandising them as part of a stationery set or with envelopes and stickers for a nice, postable standalone product.

David says:This is simple; just make sure the artwork is the correct size. If it has edge-to-edge colour it needs to have 3mm bleed. No need for the crop marks—if you create the artwork in Photoshop, we are can’t remove them.

print product uses swing tags

Swing tags A.K.A “business cards”  
What’s a gift without a swing tag? These are business cards in fancy dress, so will need a little bit of work in-house: chop, punch and thread for the perfect finished article. These aren’t just a great product on their own, but also make cool product labels for anything else you sell.

David says:You’ll need to have 3mm bleed if you have edge-to-edge colour. The main thing is to remember the artwork on the revers should face the opposite way. This is so it backs up correctly.

print product uses posters

Wrapping paper
A.K.A “standard A2 posters”
Everyone loves a thick, uncoated sheet of wrapping paper for that one special gift, and if you give our A2 posters a chance, we think you’ll find that they can be everything you need and more. Create your pattern and upload it—job done!

David says: This is simple. Just make sure the artwork is the correct size. If it has edge-to-edge colour it needs to have 3mm bleed.

When it comes to printing with us, your imagination is the limit—the more creative you are, the more you stand out against your competitors! See what you can create…


04 Mar 2015 14:27
Wrapping paper is a good one, I'll definitely be trying that one.
Cakes with Faces
05 Mar 2015 11:02
I use business cards as hang tags for my t-shirts - they work really well, and look great with gloss laminate.
David Brookes
07 Mar 2015 09:40
Love the wrapping paper idea
Su Mwamba
09 Mar 2015 11:49
I use leaflets of varying thicknesses for almost all my printing requirements, as I have a handy cutting machine that chops them down to size for me - business cards, postcards, notecards, booklets & more! :)
09 Mar 2015 18:27
The Tags are a great idea, they would make any gift or product look extra special. Love the new design of the site too!
Vicky Day
11 Mar 2015 16:54
The notebooks are great!
Emma Simpson
17 Mar 2015 18:52
I love these ideas! Definitely considering the gift tags!
Ian Clennett
18 Mar 2015 09:25
Great ideas... Bookmarked them for future reference
19 Mar 2015 22:31
I'm obsessed with pretty notebooks - might try making my own!
Stuart Glegg
20 Mar 2015 08:54
Great ideas, thumbs up for up-cycling
Sophie Cooper
10 Apr 2015 20:13
Some great ideas here, thanks for the tips!
Premier Promo NOW
24 Sep 2015 07:48
Very Interesting & Informative post.
Thanks for sharing. Use promotional products for business promotion, best marketing idea in this century.
29 Mar 2016 14:52
Love these tips :D

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