Font of the month: Langdon

It's the month for giving, so here's the gift of December's font of the month, Langdon. In a smart bit of alternative marketing, this bold, uppercase bit of word art was commissioned by British business services and telecoms company xln, and created by noted Scottish designer and illustrator Steven Bonner.

Langdon free font


Bold and crisp, and with a handy built-in drop shadow available via the lowercase, this fab and not-so-little font is a great choice for using on posters and signage. Giving a classic, authoritative look with more than a dash of style, Langdon gets the message across but has more than a little bit of fun while doing it too.

It comes with a full set of numerals, and a practical selection of punctuation and symbols to let you keep a consistent look throughout your design. Oh and it's totally free. So why not grab your Langdon download here and start experimenting.

uppercase and lowercase


Do you have any of your own recommendations for font of the month? Drop your December font picks in the comment box below and show us what you've been using. Or why not show off anything you've created with Langdon?



Jessica Rape
26 Dec 2015 15:38
This would look really trendy on a chalkboard background, the contrast between black and white would be lovely!
29 Dec 2015 01:28
Nice - love that it's free for commercial use.
Heather Lewinton
06 Jan 2016 11:28
Love it! That's going on the next advert I design. I've needed some font inspiration.
Sam Miller
11 Feb 2016 18:18
Thank you Steven!
Lauren Parker
21 Feb 2016 13:22
Ah, Thank you Steven. Great font.
28 Jan 2017 14:54
good bold font, would great with white print

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