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How to make a cinemagraph

If you’re looking to create some of your very own cinemagraphs, here are the top 5 apps you can’t do without.

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How to survive January

Read these helpful hacks to get you through the savage sales month of January. Click through and clue up!

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Intellectual property - the smart creative's guide

Intellectual property. What exactly is it and how is it different to copyright? We demistify the jargon and tell you how much wiggle room you have as a Creative.

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The art of selling yourself online

You can’t always be there in person to pitch your work or win business, so you’re going to have to learn to master the art of the written word. Step this way and get your mini masterclass…

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How to make your own GIFs

Ever wondered what makes a good GIF and how you can make your own? If your answer was yes, then today is your lucky day because we’ve knocked together the GIF guide that keeps on giving.

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The Goodprint customer tour of

If you've come straight from Goodprint, take this quick welcome tour of and see what's in store for you.

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How to set up your own creative social events

Dan Spain from Design Stuff gives you pointers on how to arrange your own social creative events.

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How to fit a day’s work into just a few hours

Need to fit a whole day’s work into a two or three hour time slot? We’ve assembled a list of workload hacks to help you smash your to-do list into smithereens.

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Exhibition mission: what you’ll need to succeed

Are you on a mission to print for your exhibition? Step this way and get tips from the pros on what you’ll need and how to get more for your money.

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4 steps to prospectus perfection

Enrollment only happens once a year, so make it count with our guide to reaching prospectus perfection.

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