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Tips and tricks for spot on self-adhesive vinyl application

Discover our range of slick self-adhesive vinyl’s and become an adept applier with our tips and tricks for easy peasy vinyl perfection.

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Doing business the social way - Facebook

Not just great for watching cat videos and spying on ex-classmates, Facebook can also help your business with new leads and even extra revenue. Here’s how!

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The secret to acing industry events

To go or not to go? Here are some great reasons to attend that next industry event and ways you can absolutely ace it when you get there.

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How can you use perforation?

Perplexed over perforation? We’ve devised a handy guide to help you understand how perforation could be the perfect accompaniment for your wedding stationery, as well as leaflets and flyers for charities and events. The perforated possibilities are positively endless!

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How to motivate fundraisers this festive season

Keeping fundraisers motivated in the run up to Christmas can be difficult with all sorts of distractions. However, while it may be the busiest time of the year, it is also the most wonderful. Here’s our tips on how you as a charity can encourage and inspire those all-important donations this festive season.

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Calligraphy: how to turn your hobby into business

Calligrapher and hand letterer, Sandra Fernando, stops by to tell you all about the fine art of calligraphy, how she turned her passion into a business and how you can do the same.

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Me v Myself

Creative columnist and illustrator Ben Tallon tells us how success in the creative industry is remarkably confidence-driven and psychologically determined. Are you in agreement?

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How to utilise Twitter as a freelancer

With social media one of the most accessible promotional tools at our disposable, it’s worth getting to grips with how it can help your freelancing business. The Freelancer Club have provided a useful little guide on how you can utilise Twitter to add value to your business.

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Ben Tallon - Feeding the Machine

Creative columnist and illustrator Ben Tallon looks at the barrage of over-information in the modern age, and discusses how to find the balance between being culturally aware and being exposed to too much noise.

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My freelance life (Part 5)

In Matt’s latest blog on freelancing, he reveals how he started incorporating small business techniques and how he developed a more stable portfolio of work. There are lots tips in this blog if you’re just starting out, so make sure you give it a read.

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