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The Digital Print Partnership has now moved to printed.com

digital print partnership new home

The Digital Print Partnership has changed its name and moved to printed.com

Please see below a list of Questions and Answers. Should you wish to talk to us about this then please call on 0800 840 1430
or email us with your questions at theteam@printed.com

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Why have you changed your name?

We love printing; it is in our blood and we have been doing it for years. When the opportunity came up to change our name from The Digital Print Partnership to printed.com we thought it was shorter, easier to remember for our customers and a great way to describe what we do. We know that change can be sometimes seen as unnecessary but we hope our customers will come with us to our new home; www.printed.com

What does this mean for me?

Our web site will be found at www.printed.com and all emails and communication will come from printed.com email addresses. Outside of that we are the same. If you type www.digitalprintpartnership.com in to your web browser after the move it will automatically redirect you to www.printed.com so don’t worry if you do that; however you may wish to change it in your favourites or bookmark bar.

If you wish to talk to someone about this

Please call us on 0800 840 1430
Please email us at theteam@printed.com

The Digital Print Partnership has now moved
to printed.com

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