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  What is ‘encapsulation’?

Encapsulation is what most people think of when they hear the word ‘lamination’; it is a thick, glossy layer of plastic which covers a document on both sides, often extending out beyond the edges for ultimate protection. This is not to be confused with lamination, which is a thinner, more subtle method of document protection.


  Where can I get a sample pack?

We’ve created a range of different Sample Pack options, so whether you’re interested in the papers, finishes, sizes or just someone looking to get a feel for our general product range, you can experience it firsthand.

You can view our range of Sample Packs and request some on our dedicated page here

  Are any of your paper stocks waterproof?

Yes! For small format printing, you can create waterproof stickers and labels using our polyester or silver gloss label papers. Our antique white laid label paper is not waterproof but has a high water resistance.

For waterproof large format printing, select from outdoor posters, banners and self-adhesive vinyl which all come on water resistant substrates as standard.

You can find out more about our different paper stocks on our Paper Information page!

  What weight are your envelopes?

The paper we use for our envelopes weighs between 90–125gsm, depending on the type of envelope you choose. Just to give you an idea of thickness, standard home printer paper is 80gsm, so your envelope will feel slightly thicker than this.

You can view all the different envelopes and paper stocks on our Paper Information page!


  Do the envelopes come in different colours?

Our envelopes come in a range of sizes and are available in a large range of different colours and paper types.

Our luxury products, Wedding Collection and invitations are available with 11 different envelope styles: white, white Laid, Tintoretto Gesso, Acquerello, Nettuno, Kraft, Sirio Pearl Polar, Sirio Pearl Oyster, Sirio Pearl Platinum, gold and silver. 

Postcards and greeting cards are available with the following envelope colours and styles: white, red, silver, gold and in white or ivory laid paper or cream pearl shimmer paper. 

You can find out more about our different envelopes and paper stocks on our Paper Information page.

  Do any of your products come with envelopes?

Yes, you have the option to purchase envelopes with the following products:

Greeting cards
Luxury postcards
Luxury greeting cards
Folded invitations
Wedding Invitations
Folded Wedding Invitations
RSVP Cards
Save The Date Cards
Thank You Cards
Folded Thank You Cards

 You can also buy envelopes separately here.

  What is the best way to print on silver sticker paper?

Printing designs onto silver gloss sticker paper is easy, the only thing you’ll need to bear in mind is that white designs will appear silver on finished print. This is because what appears as white on standard paper is just the absence of ink- so even though you may have selected a white-based design from our gallery, if you choose silver sticker paper, the white sections of your design will be silver.

Colours that are printed on silver paper will have a beautiful, understated, metallic tint to them, and text will appear defined and readable.

  What is ‘Gesso’?

Tintoresso Gesso is a type of textured, luxury paper which we stock here at This paper was handpicked by our team of print industry experts at the special request of our own customers and is ideal for when your print needs a little something extra. It has a fine, dimpled, ‘hammered’ effect across its surface and gives a classical softness to designs.

  What is GSM?

This stands for ‘grams per square metre’ ie. the weight of the paper. So 120gsm is light and 350gsm paper is thick. Lighter paper is usually more affordable.

  What papers do you offer?

We only offer professional-grade papers that meet the high standards of our customers. Working with the UK's leading paper mills and distributors, we select the latest durable, high quality papers with the right environment credentials.

You can find out more about our different paper stocks on our Paper Information page!

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