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  What does large/small format mean?

Here at we like to keep it simple — anything printed on SRA3 size or smaller (A3, A4, A5, A6 etc..) is small format. We use our Indigo presses for small format printing to create products such as business cards, brochures and postcards.

Anything bigger than SRA3 is classed as large format and includes products like banners, posters, mounted boards etc. We print large format products on our Designjet or Scitex printers.

  What does double-sided mean when printing greeting cards?

If you select single-sided for your greeting card or Christmas card, it means that we will print the front and back cover of your card, but not the inside. This is because the term ‘printed sides’ always refers to the document in its flat, unfolded form.  

If you were to take a greeting card and open it up, you can see that one side of the sheet of paper forms the front and back of the card and the other side forms the inside of your card. If you select ‘double-sided’ for your printing, we’ll print the front and back of your card and something on the inside.

  Is there anywhere I can get extra help with my artwork?

Yes! If you need a little extra help. you can visit our video tutorial page for more information on how to prepare your artwork.

  What radius do you use for your rounded corners?

We trim our corners at a radius of 7mm.

  What are 'rounded corners'?

Rounded corners are a finished offered for our business cards and involve trimming the sharp, square corners off to create a smooth, rounded edge.  A special cutting device is used to achieve this for a consistent finish.

  What are ‘versions’?

If you’d like to print several different artwork types but use the same product specifications (paper type, size, lamination etc) you can enter the number of artwork versions here and save yourself going through the ordering process multiple times.

For example, if you wanted all your greeting cards to be A5, tent fold on uncoated card but needed to print designs for Father’s Day, Easter and birthday cards, you would be saved the trouble of re-entering the same product options three times for each separate artwork version you want printed.

You can save valuable time and money by combining your jobs. Upload versions free of charge for all large format print, and for small format print, each additional version you upload will be a small, additional cost.

The following small format products all offer the option to upload different versions:

Leaflet and flyers
Business cards
Greeting cards
Flat sheets
Folded leaflets
Luxury leaflets
Luxury greeting cards
Luxury folded leaflets
Luxury postcards
Folded invitations

The following large format products also have the option to upload versions:

Indoor posters
Outdoor posters
A2 posters
Display boards
Strut cards
Backlit graphics
Self-adhesive vinyl

  How many versions can I upload in one order?

You can upload up to 40 versions for selected small format products (postcards, business cards, greeting cards etc). For large format products (posters, banners and strut cards etc), you can upload as many versions as you like.

  What do the paper and sticker sizes mean?

When dealing with paper sizes, sometimes using A4, A5 or millimetre dimensions just won’t cut it. To help you find your way around selecting the correct size paper for your print job, it can help to remember that A4 is the size of standard printer paper. If you were to fold this in half, it would become A5, and half again is postcard-sized A6.

For a full range of sizes, download our size guide PDF here, you can print this out as a reference guide for all your print.

  Do you have templates?

Yes, we have a massive range of free downloadable templates to help you layout artwork to it's print-ready.

  How do I use the upload your own templates?

When you open the template you need, you’ll see how-to information and guides. Make sure to hide the layer with the information on it before you save your file, otherwise it will print.

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