This one goes out
to all the wedding

The waste paper bin is over flowing with rough sketches, scribbled notes and half chewed-over ideas. You’re burning the midnight oil because you’re meeting your clients in the morning and they’re going to expect a gorgeous wedding stationery suite that flawlessly captures everything they want their big day to be. Unfortunately all the other designs you’ve taken them so far haven’t quite made the cut. A selection of carefully mocked up wedding invitations, menus and table plans, all presented with pride. You were sure you had it right.

The bride and groom assure you that far from being vague; they know exactly what they’re looking for. They want the swirly writing…you know? Like from that TV ad. They love summertime colours, but not yellow or green or pink. And no blue. Blue is disgusting. The whole thing has to feel like an enchanted fairy picnic, but not juvenile.

“We’ll know it when we see it!” They tell you. They trust you implicitly — you’ll deliver!

Unfortunately the days are slipping past and you haven’t managed to nail it just yet. No amount of Googling, mood board assembly, Pinterest surfing or colour chart scrutiny is going to inspire you now. You need help. You need a new lease of wedding stationery life and you need it fast. What can you bring to the table that is going to inspire your clients? What will get them really excited, or show them how the colours and font are going to look after they’ve been printed?

Wedding stationers, your prayers to the gods of design and print have been answered!

Online digital print store, have taken all your feedback — saved up over those hours sat at the desk, furiously sketching away, all those cups of tea made out of frustration and designer’s block — and turned it into The Wedding Collection. A full, complete collection of 17 different wedding stationery products expertly printed on a diverse range of luxury and specialist papers.

Think of all the extra hours of work you’ll save yourself when you provide with the guest list and they populate the print with guests’ names for you. Those minutes you’ll claw back when you can show your bride and groom a sample pack filled with every exquisite paper type, complete with colour charts so they can see how their palette works when printed. They can touch the stocks, feel the quality, see the print and instantly….inspiration is made palpable.

Are you ready to make these dreams a reality? Visit to see the collection for yourself and to order your own Wedding Collection sample pack.

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