My tables have names, not numbers, and different illustrations on each card. How do I place an order to get these printed?

 I have table names instead of numbers with different illustrations on each, how can I get thse printed without it costing to do them individually? 

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  • Ross Mushet Posted 1 year ago

    Great question!

  • Ross Mushet Posted 1 year ago On that link can you not select 'the number of versions' of each at the bottom of the quote form? For example: Quantity of Each would be 1, Number of Versions would be 6 (if you have 6 tables). Then all you would need to do is upload the PDF's for each place card.

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    Larissa Hirst Posted 1 year ago

    Hi Jemma, 

    Ross is right as our versions options is best for different artworks on the same product. If you need any help please speak to customer services via chat. 



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