Do you print from a laser printer?

I would like the possibility of adding my own foiling to my printed work and need to know if you use a laser printer?

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  • Sophia Patrick Posted 4 months ago

    Laser printer are used to produce high-quality text and graphics images but sometimes have defects, black dots or lines, vertical black or grey lines down the pages, vertical streaks, gray pages, light print, vertical white lines, light or dark horizontal banding across the page.For more printer blog visit on

  • Adam james Posted 3 months ago

    printer is the most useful electronic gadget used to print our tasks. HP,dell and many others companys producing printers. If you using dell printer and facing any issue then contact with dell printer support number and also visit this site :

  • Jack Denial Posted 2 months ago

    According to me, Laser printers produce good quality print and are capable of printing different types of fonts. The laser printers speed ranges upto 20 pages of text per minute. If you are using HP Printer and facing any issue related to HP Printer then also visit this site:

  • john thomas Posted 1 month ago

    Brother monochrome laser printer for years and would like to upgrade to the color laser with wireless and duplex printing. This laser printer meets all my expectations and needs. It is easy to set up, not too complicated. Visit for more information this device is actually supportable and right printer for saving money, and time also.

  • jonny jain Posted 2 weeks ago

    A printer is a device that can be used for multipurpose in daily life it may be print, color scan, copy a document and image at an office and home to print it. I have an Epson printer I getting an error message visit at Epson Printer Support that can provide a relevant answer at less time taking.

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    Larissa Hirst Posted 1 year ago

    Hi Eliza,

    We use a number of different printers. Please have a look here:

    It's probably best to speak to customer services via chat about specific printers and products.



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