When will you add hard-back books to your product range

Hi Printed.com folks.

I'm wondering if and when you'll add hard-back books to your product range. I think they'd make a great addition to your wedding packages.

I designed and printed my own wedding invitations last year — they were EXCELLENT. A few months after the event, I noticed you guys added envelope liners to the wedding collection — no doubt because you'd seen me and presumably others making their own by printed to sheets of A3 and adding die lines. Oh, how many hours I spent cutting and pritt-sticking (other glue sticks are available) those damn things into the envelopes. Worth it though.

So, when are you going to add large format hard-back books so I can print my lovely wedding album?

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    Larissa Posted 2 years ago

    Hi Samantha, 

    printed.com are looking into hard back books at the moment as we'd love to include them in our documents and brochures range. We'll keep customers posted via email and social media on when this release takes place.



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