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I'm in the process of starting up my own business and want to use as my printers as the quality is so good, and the range they offer is fantastic. However I wondered how other stationary designers went about offering clients samples of their invites before ordering a batch. From experience, I find couples want to physically see their invites before agreeing to order. I already send mood boards, along with detailed designs as pdf's but to print out a physical sample of the invite can prove costly as I would only be ordering 1 or 2 sheets, even if I was to go down the route of unfinished sheets. 

I wondered if any other designers had experienced the same problem and how they go about offering his service to clients without spending over the odds for a single invite.


Any guidance would be most appreciated,

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  • ankit saini Posted 3 months ago

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    Larissa Posted 3 years ago

    Hi Esther,

    I would recommend creating a sample pack yourself. So you have physical copies of what you offer, but only sample versions, i.e. without the finished couples design but it shows your work off.

    Some stationers charge extra for providing a physical proof before and order, just set up last month and they add a little surcharge on. So maybe when giving your price add the extra cost on from the beginning so no nasty suprises?

    This is definitely a question that comes up again and again, but it really does depend on the services you offer, as well as client expectations.

    I would recommend asking this question on twitter during #weddinghour from 9-10pm Wednesdays every week, as you’ll get plenty of responses. will also tweet a shortened version of your question today to see what responses you get!

    Hope setting up the business is going well and thanks for choosing us as your printing supplier :)


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