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Hoping you could help me please. I'm working on some wedding invitations for a client and they have requested printing your pearl polar stock. I am slightly concerned about how easy/ difficult it would be to write names on this stock. Is it possible to have a sample of this stock? As well as others in the range incase this one is unsuitable. (They wish to write their guests name in by hand).

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    Ian Davenport Posted 3 years ago

    I've used Pearl in the past, and its not great for writing on if your client is going to be using a standard gel or ink roller pen, since the ink takes a while to dry and beads a little. However if they use a fine-tip Sharpie it should be fine! (provided they let it dry for a minute before popping it in the envelope!)

    Best bet I guess would be to order a couple of extra blanks so they can have a trial run!

    Just in case the Printed guys aren't able to send out individual sheets for you to experiment with, you can grab them here pretty cheaply :)

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