Stapled Order of Service & Custom Size

I was looking through the order wedding collection looking for an 8pp order of service. There isn't an option for this? Most of the ones I create have an insert sheet which seems odd you don't offer this?

Also, its sometimes the case people want a custom size, generally a bit skinnier than an A5, is it a case of asking for this is special instructions or wouldn't you offer this?

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    Declan Mair Posted 4 years ago

    No it doesn't I'm afraid as its the paper options that I need :/

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    Emma Cownley Posted 4 years ago

    Hey Declan,

    If you wanted a few more pages on your order of service,  you could try printing an A5 saddle stitched brochure instead? These don't have as many paper options as the Wedding Collection order of service, but you'll be able to get the 8pp and DL size you're after.

    I hope this helps!


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