Which file is used for outer/inner on folded wedding invites?


I've finished work on my wedding invites, I have 2 pdfs, one for the outside of the card and one for the inside... I can't see anywhere that specifies which file will be used for the outer or inner.

Or, are the cards scored but not folded meaning it could fold either way?

Has anybody ordered these before or have any info?


Many thanks,


  • Chloe Gillingwater Posted 1 year ago

    Page one of your PDF is the front & back cover, page two is the inside pages. You need to make a multi-page PDF.

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    Emma Surtees Posted 1 year ago

    Hi Mark, 


    You can either name your files as "outer" and "inner" or you can send a multi-page pdf as Chloe kindly suggested. 




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