How to create double sided invitation

I have downloaded some of the wedding invitation templates and want to know how to make double sided designs.

I downloaded the A5 Z folded landscape PDF. When you open the template there is only one side to design on (front right, middle and left). How do you create the back and how does know which side is the front and back when you submit?

Thanks in advance.

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  • Hannah Posted 11 months ago

    Hi, with a normal invite you just do it for one side and then the other. So you end up with two pdfs. Then in the notes you can tell printed what you need. It won’t matter which is front on back if you design it the way you need. When they print from experience you can flip the paper like a book to know how it will sit. They don’t do it like a calendar as standard. If you’re stuck chat to them they are really helpful

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