Good Reasons Why You Should or Shouldn’t Consider Gold Wedding Bands

Among the many materials available for wedding bands, gold remains the top choice even with new-age metals like tungsten, cobalt, titanium, etc. giving stiff competition. Even though gold has been with us since time immemorial, you need to ask yourself if it still can be an automatic choice for a wedding band. Get to know more about the world’s favorite precious metal and its pros and cons as a wedding band metal.

Reasons for Choosing Gold for Your Wedding Band

One of the many advantages of gold is that you can get a really wide assortment of shapes and designs when shopping for a wedding band. The reason being gold is extremely malleable and can be fashioned into shapes that are just not achievable with the harder and more brittle metals. Gold wedding bands can also have very intricate engravings, which is not possible in harder materials. There is a renewed surge of interest in gold wedding bands with white and rose gold becoming easily available.

Gold bands can be resized, polished and repaired to get rid of scratches and dings, which are simply not possible with rings made out of stainless steel, tungsten, and titanium. Finally, it may come as a surprise; gold bands can be quite affordable when made out of 14k gold even though tungsten may be cheaper.

Reasons Why You Should Avoid Gold Wedding Bands

Gold rings being relatively softer than many other materials become easily bent and scratched with regular use. Also, if you have selected white gold, then you will need to regularly visit the jewelers to have the rhodium plate that gives the white luster to the band, reapplied. Over the lifetime of the gold band, you will need to spend a fair amount in maintenance. Palladium can be a very good alternative to white gold, not only due to its affordability but also because of its good looks. Get to know of popular alternatives to gold by logging on to In case,the gold band contains nickel, it may lead to allergic reactions among those who are susceptible, so you will need to ensure that your white gold wedding band is nickel-free.

The Question of Karat and Its Implications

It is common to find men’s gold wedding bands in a wide range of weights, the most common being 18k, 14k and 10k. Forget about 24k that is not suitable for jewelry, even 22k is too soft to be used in rings. The best choice is to plump for 18k as they are quite durable and tarnish-resistant. If you find 18k too expensive, you could get a very good selection in 14k that offers very good value for money and longevity that 10k bands being brittle, simply can’t give.


Whether you settle for a gold wedding band is a matter of personal preference.However, there are a lot of other materials available that can be extremely attractive and durable, yet inexpensive and easy to replace if lost or broken that you should seriously consider.



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