About to be Hitched – The Wedding Stationery Market place

About to be Hitched - The Wedding Stationery Market Place

About to be Hitched is a new online market place that has started up recently and focuses purely on selling wedding stationery to engaged couples. We have enabled wedding stationery designers throughout the UK to sell their own creations online, on a website, where every single customer who makes a purchase, buys exactly the type of products that they are selling… wedding stationery.

From the wedding stationery designers point of view they can apply to sell their designs through a simple one page online application form. Once approved they are given access to our Product Management System, which in essence is an easy to use online tool that allows designers to add their own products they wish to sell in a similar fashion to that of adding products to any standard e-commerce website.

The process is extremely easy for designers to follow, allowing them to add their product collections in no time at all. Once a sale has been made through the market place, the designers are notified allowing them to fulfil the customer’s order.

There is presently no fee to sign up to the market place for designers making it an absolute no brainer for wedding stationery designers to join. The only cost is a small 20% commission on all sales they make through About to be Hitched.

From the customer’s side of the table, the About to be Hitched website provides a truly wonderful customer experience. Wedding stationery products are grouped into individual wedding stationery collections making it really easy for the customer to fully explore the site and really get a feel for how the stationery could truly compliment their own wedding theme. This is somewhat different to how other online market places have currently chosen to showcase their product ranges. 

With everything from save the dates and wedding invitations right through to thank you cards, the About to be Hitched website covers every aspect of wedding stationery, from the announcement of the big day to friends and family, right through to thanking guests for their gifts.

We are looking for wedding stationery designers throughout the UK to come and join us in our mission to make About to be Hitched the number one wedding stationery destination on the Internet. So, if you are a wedding stationery designer, why not check us out and discover how you could start to sell your designs on About to be Hitched.

  • Anne-Charlotte Sb Posted 3 years ago

    Greta info, I'll have a look to their website!

  • Lynne Owens Posted 3 years ago

    Great post, always good to find out about new ways to sell. Look forward to checking it out.

    • Georgina Morrall Posted 3 years ago

      We're always happy to take on new sellers! Please visit our website for details, we have a detailed FAQ's section that you will find very handy on our 'Why sell with us' page. :-)

  • ankit saini Posted 5 months ago

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