Do you print with offset printing? Need a specific pantone printed.

I need a specific Pantone colour on our company business cards. Do you offer this? It won't wont out via digital print. 


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  • Adam Jems Posted 11 months ago

    You should use a Pantone Matching System if you want to a Pantone color printed in your company business cards. Pantone is a standardized color and used as a color reference system in many industries. for more printer related details visit -

  • Adam Jems Posted 10 months ago

    Inkjet printers have a demerit that it may not give you a realistic impression of how your colors will look when printed CMYK/Pantone you are reviewing your colors onscreen. so if you want to produce spot color files then each color is selected from the Pantone swatch library and also each Pantone ink color is numbered in order to ensure accurate color matching. for more visit

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    Larissa Hirst Posted 2 years ago

    Hi Anna, 

    Please speak with customer services via chat for this - there's an error in your question and we'd like to clarify your query first.



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