What is the most appropriate format to create a standard school leavers book?

I'm interested in creating a standard school leaver book that students could use to sign and add photos to. What is the best format to achieve this and how would this impact cost? 

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  • Jessica Summers Posted 4 years ago

    What a fab idea! I would have loved that when I was at school (which is far too long ago for my liking!)

  • Zara Wheeler Posted 5 days ago

    There is no standard, there are generally accepted facts that can always change everything for themselves. I think it’s hard to find something that could do everything according to the pattern, although you can try https://writingcreek.com/freelance-writing-jobs-new-york/ because these guys are always at the highest level.

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    Steven Saucedo Posted 4 days ago

    Creating a school book is very responsible task, you must be sure that it's well-written and passed proofreading and plagiarism check, so I would recommend using a writing service for that purpose as well, check <a href="https://pro-papers.com/">https://pro-papers.com</a>. About final cost of the book: price will depen on type of printing (black and white or colored) and number of pages.

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    Jeremy Denton Posted 1 week ago

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    Emma Carney Posted 4 years ago

    Hi Laura, we discuss prospectuses over on the blog - https://www.printed.com/blog/4-steps-to-prospectus-perfection 

    This may be useful in advising you on the options for leavers books ( they are different of course to prospectuses but the finishes and approaches can be similar). Also the type of brochure - https://www.printed.com/products/brochure-printing will depend on the number of pages and how hard wearing you wish to have. If you could clarify your brief further, we can look into it futher and find the perfection one for you! 

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