Can I use a football club crest for stickers without permission from said club.

Can I use the crest from my football club  on printed stickers without the permission of the said club.This would be non profit making.

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  • conor mcgregor Posted 2 months ago

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    Wayne Blinkhorn Posted 4 years ago

    As others have said, definitely need permission for this, and unless you or your client is working with the clubs already they will likely say no as they are notoriously fierce about protecting their brands. The larger clubs have whole departments dedicated to finding unauthorised use wether that's you offering stickers, or a factory in China making fake kits. 

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    Jessica Summers Posted 4 years ago

    Yes you do need to ask permission, it happens a lot with Etsy sellers where they get their store shut for copyright infringment

    Obviously in this case people are charging for the products but even with the non profit marketing of the stickers you are still using their "idea" so you will still need to ask for permission, as silly as it sounds! 

    Some futher advice can be found here 



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    Emma Carney Posted 4 years ago

    Hi John, from my understanding of copyright law, even when it is not for profit it will in theory still require permission of the club that you wish to use. There is more information on copyrighting law in th eUK here - 

    Hope this helps! 



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