How can I reduce the size of a PDF

I am having difficulty uploading my artwork. After making my design in a trial version of Adobe Illustrator and exporting the final product to PDF, my illustrator trial has now expired and I have a giant PDF that I can't upload to this site.

Is there a way of reducing the size of my PDF file without losing the quality? (there are photographs in it).



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    Daniel Olivier-Argyle Posted 3 years ago

    Hi Francine, I would recommend that you use InDesign to shrink the size of your pdf, but imagine your creative cloud trial has ended. If you're using MacOS, you can use 'Quartz Filters' to shrink the file without losing quality - see here: If you're using Windows, there's no easy way as far as I know, without professional software. If you're using windows I might be able to do it for you manually... just ket me know :-)


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