How can solve Printer issues?

Hii all I am a Canon printer person and I am using this in my workplace for each day bases. And to a long timeI am the usage of this and that I recognize that all of its capabilities suitable and supportable and smooth to apply however in recent times I'm facing issues like slow overall performance and printing not well. Can all of us solve this troubles and deliver me clean solutions?

canon customer service

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    emni petro Posted 2 weeks ago

    If anyone is the hp product user or customer or facing an issue with them they can contact Hp Customer Support for it. And provide the instant solution to their customer.

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    Mark Spencer Posted 1 month ago

    First, you will ensure that your printer setting is up to date, then check the cartridge of your printer is proper fill or not. You can perform some troubleshooting steps which can help you to recover from your errors. If after performing the following activities you can't resolve your error then contact Canon Printer Support Phone Number or Brother Printer Support Number

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