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I have had a digital invitation designed to exact size 5x7"... My question is... can I just order the 5x7" invitation size or should I go bigger onto maybe an unfinished flat sheet?

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  • John smith Posted 1 year ago

    Hi Francesca, Well, It totally depends on you, you can design exactly 5x7".But, however, if you have to edit something further it may cause some problem.I have Samsung SL-K2200 and I am satisfied with this but I also have faced some problem with this and I found an online solution for this:https://babasupport.org/printer/samsung-printers-customer-service/604 If you have samsung printers and some difficulty with it, you can visit.

  • emni clap Posted 4 months ago

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  • annysmithy asw Posted 3 months ago

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  • annysmithy asw Posted 3 months ago

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  • annysmithy asw Posted 3 months ago

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    rain smith Posted 8 months ago

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