Print advertising vs. digital advertising

Digital marketing has come exploding into our lives at a rapid rate over the last decade. Some people have hailed this as the end of print advertising, others have said that the two should work in harmony. We thought we’d weigh on in the debate with some of our own thoughts on the two worlds and settle the argument once and for all. Which is better print or digital advertising?

Digital advertising

Although it may technically be the new kid on the block, there are plenty of reasons to love digital advertising. Many of the methods are fairly cheap, particularly for small businesses, and you can connect with your target client base pretty quickly. Social media marketing is a prime example of how to market on a budget with very little experience. However, it can take a lot of time to channel your marketing efforts in this way – how many hours have been lost trying to navigate Pinterest or chatting away on Twitter?

As soon as your business starts to grow you’ll find that you need to start investing cash into digital advertising, too. When Facebook posts stop reaching fans and your Twitter follower numbers have stagnated, you’ll have to start upping that budget. Other digital advertising methods, such as PPC campaigns, content marketing and SEO can also cost money. So, although many people believe digital advertising is the cheap and cheerful option, that isn’t necessarily the case.


Print advertising campaigns

Funnily enough, what puts some people off print advertising campaigns is that they think they’re more expensive than digital advertising. However, as we have already seen, digital marketing can also cost a pretty penny. Of course, with such a wide variety of print advertising solutions, you could spend a fortune if you really wanted to. You could also run a whole print advertising campaign on a budget.

Some people think that because it is easier to attribute digital that it must be better than print. That can be the case in some instances, but that all depends on how well you target and distribute your print advertising campaigns. Tesco, for example, saw a 50-100% increase in searches for ‘Tesco Clubcard’ after sending mailings to their database.


Which is better; print or digital advertising?

So, how do we know which is better? On one hand, digital advertising opens up doors to potentially millions of new customers and clients and it can be done on the cheap when starting out. On the other hand, people respond better to print advertising campaigns and they can actually cost less than some digital marketing methods. Did you know, for example, that catalogues and inserts are 11.5% cheaper than email per lead/order? More qualified leads can come from print campaigns, even in the age of digital media.

And so we ask ourselves, one final time, which is better print or digital advertising? And our answer is a simple one: If you want to reach a wide audience, within your budget, whilst converting leads and sales, you need to use both!


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