Fix HP LaserJet fails to pick Up Paper

How to resolve HP LaserJet when it fails to pick Up Paper?

One of the common problems faced by HP users is that the LaserJet printer fails to pick up the paper. It might also be feasible that the printer is picking up many papers from the printer tray. These problems might cause you a great problem if you are in the middle of some significant work. Thus, it is necessary to keep a few things in mind to fix this issue if it appears while you are working. Below are a few steps to troubleshoot the system yourself and fix the HP printer problems easily.

If the printer does not pick up the papers, you may follow the following steps and implement it:

  • Initially, open the printer and remove the jammed sheets of paper if there are any. Make confirm that there are no remains of torn paper in the tray or inside the printer.
  • Load the tray with the correct size of the paper that is allowed.
  • Check if the paper size and type are adjusted properly on the control panel of the printer.
  • Guarantee that the paper guides in the tray are marked properly for the paper’s size. Ensure and adjust the guides towards the right markings on the tray.


Make clear in your mind that you do not adjust the paper guides towards the paper stack. Always adjust them to the exact indentations on the tray.

Check again if the humidity conditions of the room follow the particular limits. It is significant to keep the papers in a dry atmosphere to avoid them from being spoiled. They are generally sold in moisture-proof wrappings.

You also need to confirm that the humidity in the room is within specifications for this printer and that paper is being stored in packed packages. Nearly all reams of paper are sold in a moisture-proof wrapping to keep paper dry. In case the paper is exposed to a certain level of humidity, it is feasible that the papers absorb moisture. If this happens, you must remove the top 5 to 10 sheets of paper from the bundle of papers.

In addition, if the papers are placed in a low-humidity area, they are bound to make static electricity over time, causing them to stick together. If this takes place, you have to remove the papers from the printer first. Then flex the stack by tightly holding them at both ends and bring the ends upwards using your hands to form a U shape. Once you have completed this, do it in the reverse direction, and make another U. Now, shift the sides and turn the papers in your hands. Now the longer side is in your hand. Bend the sides upwards to form another U. Repeat the similar in a reverse direction.

Additional Actions to Follow

  • Notice if the printer keeps going offline; guarantee that it is online while you use it.
  • Guarantee that the printer control panel is displaying a prompt to feed the paper in manual mode. Then load the paper and carry on.
  • It is also feasible that the rollers above the tray are contaminated. Clean this with preferably a lint-free cloth dipped in hot water. If probable, try to use distilled water for this purpose.
  • There is a chance that the tray rollers could be worn. Go ahead and examine the rollers for the occurrence of the smooth surface around the complete circumference. Occasionally, only one side is worn, so make sure you check it carefully.
  • In case there are smooth areas, you should verify the Supplies Status Page and notice if the Fuser (Maintenance kit) is running low and whether it needs to be replaced. These rollers come with a kit.
  • Change the tray rollers if essential.

If the printer picks up numerous sheets of paper, you have to run the following checks as well.

  • Take away the stack of paper from the tray. Now flex and turn it to about 180 degrees and flip it. Without fanning the paper, return the stack to the tray. Note that fanning the paper will give increase to static electricity build up. As an alternative to doing this, you can flex the stack of paper by holding it on either end to make a U shape and repeat the procedure as mentioned previous.
  • Make clear that you always use paper that meets the HP specifications in this printer.
  • See into the state of the papers and make confirm that they are not folded, wrinkled, or damaged. If required, use another set of paper.
  • Ensure if the tray is not overfilled. The stack-height markings shown in the tray will give you a fair thought about this. If it is packed, take the stack out, straighten the papers and return only a part of the papers to the tray.

If you require any further help with printer problems or if your printer keeps going offline in spite of having all the cords and wires connected appropriately, get in touch with our Printer Support Number +1-(844)-444–4174 for a quick analysis. Experts in our team are certified, trained and knowledgeable enough to help you out in every worrying situation. Feel free to dial us whenever need, we are accessible round the clock for your easiness.

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