Delete an Outlook account

For removal of an email account from Outlook doesn't require to deactivate the email account. After deleting an account from Outlook, you will no longer be able to send and receive email from that Outlook account. For deleting Outlook account following steps are to be followed for Outlook 2016, 2013, and 2010 only.


  • Open Outlook window.
  • Select the file from the upper left corner of the screen of the main Outlook window,
  • Select Account Settings > Account Settings.
  • Then to select the Account which you want to delete, then select Remove.
  • Then a message will appear on your screen giving you a warning message that all offline cached content of this account will be deleted. This will mainly affect the content downloaded and stored on your computer.
  • For confirmation of the action taken select 
  • It is advisable that before removal of an email account from Outlook, the process must be understood properly.


Sometimes it may happen that you may face severe or minor issues while deleting an Outlook account. In case of such issues, don’t feel helpless and kindly take the help of the highly experienced technical experts who are providing the support all over the world. there are Outlook Customer Support Number where you can make calls for free and get your issues resolved instantly.

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