Stunning Outdoor Wedding Photo Ideas

Just because you’re having an indoor wedding doesn’t mean you can’t find some stunning photo opportunities outside of the venue to bring some natural beauty into your wedding album. From interesting backdrops to creative side streets, the area outside of your indoor venue is sure to have intriguing spaces.  

Take a look at these photos to get some outdoor wedding photo ideas, even if your ceremony and reception are indoors.

Interesting Walls


Photographer: The R2 Studio

Our venue in Arizona has urban brick walls, a brightly colored flower wall and other feature walls the wedding party can stand against. Take a look around the building where you’ll be married itself to see what it has to offer.

Your wedding photographer should be able to spot the best areas, but don’t be afraid to offer your own suggestions. If you love the look of the back wall with the peeled off paint, get a photo there. Or perhaps there’s a wall covered in ivy and flowers or some other natural elements.

The point is, walls make great backdrops, so look for those that speak to you.

Charming Doors

Photographer: Annalise Marie Photography

Whether it’s double french doors leading to a patio or a grand wrought iron or wooden front door of the venue, doors and doorways can be unique features.

You can also look for archways (leading to a garden, for example) and entrances framed by columns and pillars.


Photographer: The R2 Studio

You may have never looked down an alley and thought, that looks like a great place to take a photo, but think again!

Take a peek between your venue building and the property next to it or walk a little further and scope out nearby alleyways. You’ll be surprised by what these out-of-the-box areas have to offer, especially in the way of props. For example, groomsmen can crawl onto fire escape stairs or you and your fiance can swing around a lamp post.

Of course you won’t want to get photos in front of garbage cans or places littered with trash. But generally, event venues and the buildings around them will keep their areas clean, so it’s worth taking a look down the alleys if you want to capture some photos with an urban feel.

Local Features

Photographer: Jasmine Amber Photography

Take a stroll around your wedding venue to see what local features are within walking distance. You might come across a giant vintage mural painted over a brick wall, a charming cobblestone path near a water display, or colorful graffiti on the back of a building.

Sometimes it just takes a quick peek behind the venue or a walk around the surrounding area. You never know what treasures you’ll find within these “hidden” spots.

Tree-Lined Paths 

Photographer: Annalise Marie Photography

A tree-lined path offers an oh-so romantic opportunity for wedding photos. Have your photographer capture shots of the two of you walking the path, holding hands, or getting a first look at each other.

You could also include your wedding party and family members for portraits under the trees.

Street Views

Photographer: Lux Wedding Studio

Street views don’t have to be boring. Take a look outside your venue and see what’s around the area. Look for interesting features and views, like railroad tracks, fountains, striking architecture, and natural areas.

Depending on what you find, you can get wedding photos with an urban chic, vintage, or romantic feel.

See? Having a strictly indoor wedding doesn’t mean there aren’t opportunities for outdoor photos. Even if it’s in the middle of winter or the dead of summer, if you can stand the temperatures for just a little while, you’re likely to get some wedding photos that are full of unique local flair.  

Kim is the founder of Tre Bella, an Arizona wedding venue that delivers platinum-style weddings affordably. With a true love for design and a stress-free coordination process, Kim keeps gorgeous urban weddings within reach for busy couples.

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