Photography print marketing 101

Print marketing is one of the very best ways to show just what you and a camera are capable of. From promoting an event or exhibition to making sure your own work is being represented at its finest, print marketing is essential. Here are a few different kinds you can try, with a few tips on how to make them work for you.

Leaflets, flyers and hand-outs
Never underestimate the effect that a good, old-fashioned piece of print marketing can have when placed directly into your customers hands. Leaflets, flyers and hand-outs can be created quickly and easily, and are appropriate for promoting exhibitions, showcases, events or just to give recipients a small taster of your work. You can find tips and advice on how to design and layout print marketing handouts on the blog here.

Marketing packs
Marketing packs are great for handing off all the details a potential client needs in one tidy package. By creating a simple presentation folder and tucking all your print marketing inside,  you’ll not only be covering all the bases with regard to pricing, product range and work examples, you’ll also be adding an extra layer of professionalism to your brand and image. Marketing packs are particularly good to hand out at exhibitions and shows, or just to keep on your own showroom floor.

Printed samples and lookbooks
Giving prospective clients something they can experience themselves is a powerful tool to build your brand and create interest in your work. Printing up one or two sample booklets or lookbooks to leave in your showroom, at the till or on an exhibition stand will give a more tangible experience and exude quality. Aside from examples of your work, don’t forget to include paper samples and finishes, so they can imagine how their photography will look.  

Digital portfolios
Being able to hand over a CD or DVD of your work is one of the best ways to get yourself exposure. If possible, try and finish your digital media off with some professional print, such as a label on disk itself or a cover inside the disk case. This will allow you to include a price list and get your logo or business name front and centre.

Getting creative with your print marketing and making use of all the different ways you could be using it are an excellent way to keep your photography business thriving. If you have any extra tips, you can add them into the comments box below. If you found this article useful, please vote for it and help others find the answers they need.


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