Instagram – The ever escalating popularity and members

Why do you think Instagram gained the commendable popularity within a short period of time? Well, the universal truth is that the users liked it. It stimulated and increased the excitement and thrill of the users. Holding the record of quickly reaching 1.5 million downloads, Instagram has millions of users across the globe today, and the number of its users appears to be consistently increasing. Like any other app, Instagram also has faced, and is facing different criticisms. For instance, many conventional photographs have slammed it for destroying the creativity and real essence of photography. But despite all sorts of criticisms, its popularity has witnessed a persistent escalation completely undeterred by any kind of hindrances.

User friendly features

Due to the user-friendly characteristics of the Instagram features, the Instagram users face no difficulties in suing its features. Yes, the first time users or novices may come across some difficulties. However, they are not the difficulties in real sense. Being new, innovative, and bit different from the features of other apps, it may take some time to the users to get used to these Instagram features, but they would, certainly, like it soon and find it easy to use all features. No Instagram users need to take any special training. With clear and simple icons and guidance, anyone and everyone can conveniently use its features.

All-in-one integration

One can shoot photographs, edit them, and share to the followers for Instagram in just one go. This may, somewhat, sound unbelievable to some, but not to the Instagram users. Eliminating the requirements of buying expensive cameras and related equipments, Instagram has provided a better and more suitable alternative with its all-in-one integration features. Some of the professional photographers may have some grudge against it, and perhaps, many of them find it difficult to accept, but for the people desiring to click and share photographs; Instagram proves to be an undeniable facility.

Social connection

Besides being a perfect tool for clicking, editing, and sharing photographs; something that instantly and unendingly draws the attention of the people desiring to share photographs is the social link of Instagram. Instagram enables the Instagram users to share their photographs not only with the Instagram followers, but with the other social media users as well. Apart from Facebook and Twitter, it also gets easily linked with various other online platforms such as Flickr, Weibo, Tumblr, Swarm, Vkontakte, and Ameba etc. Really speaking, Instagram provides such facilities to the users that the thrills and excitements never come to a moratorium.

More than just an Instagram app

Instagram is not merely an application. It is much more than that. It has three standalone apps that escalate the joy and excitement of using Instagram to far greater heights. The apps, named as Hyperlapse, Layout, and Boomerang considerably enhance and enrich the user experience of all Instagram users. The people unfamiliar with Instagram may still wonder why the popularity of it is increasing rapidly; however, there curiosity would be duly satisfied once they start using Instagram.

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