5 Ideas to Get Real Instagram Likes For Your Business

Are you struggling with your business marketing strategy? You are most likely not up to date with the trending techniques and it is time to rethink your strategy. If you are not leveraging Instagram for your marketing campaign, you are missing out big time. Instagram has emerged as the king of social media marketing.

With over 700 million monthly active users, there is every reason to integrate this social media network in your marketing campaign. Instagram boasts higher engagement than Twitter and Facebook and you will easily increase the visibility of your brand.

By posting highly creative photos and videos, you will inspire users to share and this is the dream of every online marketer. Like with other social media networks, Instagram marketing delivers a high ROI, which is what every marketer is looking for in these tough economic times.

However, you have some work to do before you become an authority on Instagram. Many accounts have been opened but they are still idle because the owners made no efforts to gain a strong following. The secret lies in getting many real Instagram likes for your posts and every marketer will tell you this is not easy.

The more likes you have for your posts, the more trust your brand gets form users. With time, you will note a gradual increase in the number of followers. If you are struggling with your Instagram marketing strategy, below are some ideas to help increase the likes and in so doing, build yourself as an authority.

  1. Build a theme: If you look at the most successful brands on Instagram, it is easy to note they have a uniform theme throughout their posts. It is easy to get likes when viewers are already accustomed to what you post. For instance, if you are a classic car restorer, photos and videos of the process will inspire many likes as opposed to random photos of vintage cars.
  2. Awesome content and nothing more: If you are going to be a bore, then Instagram is not your place. The audience here is running away from the bland advertisement that is prevalent on all other platforms. Your photos and videos must be refreshing and unique and this is the best way to get likes and grow your following.
  3. Use the caption to tell a story: While your photo is the first thing a viewer notices, the eye will instantly drop to the caption. Many not-so=interesting images have gone viral due to a captivating caption. Avoid getting caught in the photo editing process and failing to capitalize on the caption which gives more insight into the image.
  4. Use hashtags but wisely: Hashtags will without doubt get you likes, but only when used creatively. Use unique and more targeted hashtags that reflect your chosen theme. Hashtags must remain creative if you are to have any chances of getting noticed.
  5. Use Instagram tools: Truth be told, managing your Instagram business account can take a lot of your time. Finding free Instagram likesis very hard and this is where automation tools such as Like4Likecome in handy to help with automatic like exchanges.