4 Easy Ways to Grow Your Fashion Blog Using Instagram

Instagram needs no introduction. With an active user base of over 400 million, this site has grown rapidly and it still continues to grow faster than other social networking sites. At the same time, it also offers tremendous growth opportunity for website and blog owners to drive organic traffic to their sites.


Do you wish to take advantage of Instagram marketing and bring tons of new visitors to your blog? If you said yes, then check this post to discover 12 easy and effective ways to learn photography for better instagram promotion.


Now, let’s get to know what makes some fashion photographers so popular on Instagram.

Social media experts believe that people follow Instagram brands/accounts for one or more of the following reasons:

  • In hopes of being rewarded (contests)
  • Because they love the brand/person
  • To find rare and exclusive photos
  • Because it suits their interest
  • They wish to discover new fashion styles on the account


Ways to gain more followers and make them your blog visitors:


  1. Create interest among people


Teasers invite curiosity not just among movie buffs and sports lovers but also among blog readers. Post pictures of your blog post in progress, screenshots of your computer screen with images aligned together and teasers of an upcoming video for your blog. Instagram is the best way to get the attention of people by just posting engaging photos and short videos.


When you post content, remember that you are going to use this as an opportunity to create maximum curiosity among your visitors – so don’t reveal too much information about your blog post. Add short descriptions to up the interest of the people. Curiosity leads to more questions from interested users, and that automatically sets the stage for your blog to drive massive traffic once it goes live.  


  1. Drive direct traffic


The first thing your profile visitors see in your account is your bio. Luckily for website and blog owners, Instagram allows one clickable link in the bio. The more you comment on other updates on the most popular accounts in your niche, the more are the odds of you getting noticed.

Even in your bio, suspense can make a positive difference to your blog traffic. Instead of including your direct blog URL, try creating a shortened URL  and put in on your bio along with a short, sweet description to up the interest of your visitors. In addition to your bio, you can also include your blog link on your images and videos.


  1. Build a brand value for your blog


If you are selling one or more products through your blog, then make it a point to post high-quality images of your product and offer the best price (slightly lesser than the price offered by your competitors) for your audience. If you are promoting your fashion blog, then it’s likely that you might offer a beauty kit (something like organic soap or face pack). In that case, it makes sense to promote them in the form of images (of course, after applying filters and special effects) and short videos briefly telling your visitors why they should purchase your product. This will help increase customer interest dramatically and help you sell your sales numbers shoot through the roof.          


  1. Promote expert roundup posts


One of the newest and most attractive ways to drive traffic to a blog is to use expert round ups. Do an extensive research and find a common subject that would spark a lot of attention from your industry leaders and fans alike. Get in touch with the top bloggers in your niche and request them to give their opinion on the subject. Put their answers together and tie them into one single post. A lot of people will be interested to know what experts are saying. Post the roundup in your blog and promote it on your Instagram timeline.     




Promoting your blog successfully on Instagram is all about being creative and sparking curiosity among your target audience. Make it look more realistic and personal than promotional. Post screenshots of your best customer testimonials, images of a recent conference you attended, and make interesting video teasers of what people can look forward to learning from your blog that are hard to find on your competitor’s site. Make yourself a standout promoter and performer, and you will be able to achieve the highest level of success with Instagram marketing. Good luck!

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