Can anyone recommend design inspiration blogs?

What blogs and sites does everyone go to get inspiration? Having a creative mind blank right now, help!


Thanks! :) 

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  • Karen Posted 4 years ago

    I find it's always worth having a little peek at It's a different topic every week, and artists from all disciplines around the world submit their pieces to the site. It's amazing to see all the different artistic interpretations of the chosen topic. It helps me with design and children's story ideas. Keep an eye on it :)

  • Emma Carney Posted 4 years ago

    Thanks!! That's such a cool site :) Gonna add it to the list now!

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    Jennifer Posted 4 years ago

    My go to is always Pinterest. I also like browsing Etsy, not to copy people, but just to see what colours people are using or be reminded about a technique or medium that I haven't used for a while. I also like Instagram for inspiration too. Anything that's visual!

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    Jessica Summers Posted 4 years ago

    Slightly obsessed with itsnicethat! 

    I found this list recently which I have been perving on whenever I need an inspiration kick - 

    Does anyone have their own blog here? I am thinking of setting one up as it helps with SEO and I need to brain dump some of my creativity somewhere!


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    James Devine Posted 4 years ago

    I if ever want to waste a few minutes being inspired I may wonder over to - 

    A few of my customer feature their work on benahce too -

    I don't use it myself but my wife can spend several hours at a time lost on pinterest...

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