The Dawn of Contemporary Art Paintings

Evolution is an uncomfortable, yet necessary process, which weeds off the older practices and conventions to make way for something better. We, as humans, are always prone to evolution and our expression is no exception. The world of humans is full of bloodshed, betrayals, greed, and horrible incidents. Amidst all these horrendous instances, there has been something that is as old as humans and is one of the greatest gifts we have got. The power to be creative.

Our mind is full of ideas and possibilities, and some of the greatest people have recognized this. These are the people who went to become the greatest thinkers, leaders, artists, and prominent personalities in our society. Out of all these, artists are special. It is so because they are able to understand the pain of unsaid emotions and are able to communicate the same through their artistry. Be it the music, dance, poetry, literature, or paintings, art is always able to say a lot by using minimum words.

Today, we are going to talk about paintings, the most formidable form of art. Started with cave paintings, frescos, and traditional kinds, we are now into the era of contemporary art where the sale of paintings online is a common thing.

Contemporary Art Paintings

By the typical bookish definition, contemporary art is the pieces of art that are made after the 1970s. It’s that simple! But if you really want to swim deeper into the commencement of this art form, you have to go to the early 1900s. Modern art was on the burst and artists were experimenting with new tactics to craft paintings. This was the time of abstract art. People were now rejecting the academic style of art and were now getting more inclined towards the idea of making something that is fresh and that doesn’t relate to the real-life subjects. Artists like Picasso and Pollock emerged, and a whole new world of expression and imagination was introduced to humans.

During this time, there were many artists who still wanted to follow the traditional methods, but abstraction and modernism dominated the entire era. Even in India, artists like Amrita-Sher-Gil, M.F.Husain, Tyeb Mehta, Raza, Souza, Gaitonde, etc emerged that comprehensively rejected the older conventions and wanted to create something new and enchanting.

IMHO, modernism was the very reason we are able to see the contemporary era today. In the later 1960s, Pop Art started that completely rejected the notion that only paintings and sculptors are the epitomi of art. And since then, a completely new form of art, known as contemporary begun.

Modern vs contemporary art paintings

Apart from the date distinction, what is the identity of contemporary form? I mean, if someone asks you what is contemporary art, what would be your answer?

To understand this, let’s first comprehend with the understanding of modern art. Modern art was basically a product of the rebel and rejection of traditional artworks. Artists were trying out new techniques and the end product was always the focus. Jackson Pollock came out with marvellous drip painting technique and his paintings were sold for millions of dollars. The end product was emphasised in modern paintings.

Talking about contemporary pieces, the concept is totally different. Here, neither the technique nor the end product is the point of focus. Instead, in the contemporary art paintings, the entire focus is on the idea. Contemporary art is all about the notion that says “Anyone can be an artist”. What matters is the idea behind art pieces. A pair of specs kept in an empty room is a contemporary art because it is the idea in that placement that counts.

Similarly, with the contemporary art paintings, the exquisiteness, the aesthetics, the appeal of pieces don’t count at all. A painting can be totally subtle or extremely complex but its beauty mainly lies in the thought behind the work. The concept of contemporary art is to rise above the conventions of beauty and charm. Contemporary art form glorifies the artist for his/her imagination and not the result.

Some of the art scholars do not like contemporary art so much because in their opinion all the works that lie in this category are not art at all but a vague and lazy attempt to redefine art.

I do not agree with them. Contemporary paintings and art pieces are actually the closest to the art we have come till now. What do you think?

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