Steps To Download Garmin Map Updates swiftly

If you wish to download free Garmin map update, you have two different ways to download the map updates. Choose your way and download the updates in your GPS device. Here are some of the instructions on how to update Garmin GPS map. When you update the current version, you have to know about installing the software and it helps you to locate the geographical information when you are traveling from one place to the other. Garmin Express is a software that helps to update, download and install the current maps in your Garmin device. So, update your Garmin with these simple steps. In case these steps won’t work for you, contact our knowledgeable experts available 24*7 to sort out your problem.

Effective ways to download Garmin map

Given below are the two different ways to download Garmin map- Using Garmin Express to download updates and Using my Garmin Account to Download Map Updates. You can go for anyone method.

  • Access Garmin Express to Download Updates
  1. Connect your GPS device with a computer or laptop

Prior to updating the Garmin gps update, attach your device with your pc and ensure that your GPS device is on. After that, use the data cable USB to plug into the pc.

  1. Download/Install the Garmin Express

When you update the Garmin map, you have to download the Garmin Express software. This software is required in your computer and to install it in your phone, you have to visit the download webpage of the Garmin express. Click on the download button. And after downloading, tap on the “Install now” option. Now, you will see the software in your pc.

  1. Update access

Add the device to your computer for locating the GPS. Ensure that the device should be connected until the updates are installed. Click on the option "Select All". When you install all the updates, you will get in your device. Try to purchase the lifetime update if you haven’t purchased it.

  1. Disconnect the GPS device from your computer

After installing all the updates and software, detach the USB cable from your computer. Now get ready to access GPS device in your vehicle and enjoy with all the desired updates.

  • Access my Garmin Account to Download Map Updates
  1. If you already have the Garmin account then login in to your Garmin account. If you do not have Garmin account, visit page then signup for a new account.
  2. After login my Garmin account on your device, connect the GPS system with your account.
  3. Perform the step wise instruction for the registration after hitting the “Registration” option on home tab.
  4. After the registration is done, download the free Garmin map update. After that, click the option "Order now".
  5. Hit on “Get Free Update”. Ready for the next task, click on the “Download” option and tap on the “Next” button.
  6. After doing so, write the products keys and then, click on continue.
  7. Now follow the on-screen instructions. Click download and then save it where you wish and can remember.

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  • Clara albert Posted 5 days ago

    the osm map for my region works higher than the garmin map, but lots of streets are not showing up. is there any way to create an img report from google maps for use on a garmin tool?