My Favorite Art

My favourite art

Fantasy art is awe-inspiring, I love the idea that anything and everything is possibly real. Scaly and slimy dragons, melting lollypop women, people infused with animals’, inanimate objects or Aquatic life. Mysticism melding seamlessly with reality. The human form a masterpiece leaping dramatically from the page. There really are no boundaries. All potentially roam freely if not secretly, hidden in parts of the world. Five really influential artists, who take me into their bizarre but very real worlds with things that exist uninhibited by mundane concerns, are:


Boris Vallejio a Peruvian painter. He immigrated to the United States in 1964. He commonly works with Julie Bell, his wife, painter and model. Vallejio works almost exclusively in fantasy and erotica genres. His representational paintings adorn the covers of dozens of science fiction books and are featured in a series of best selling calendars. His influential paintings depicting sword and sorcery gods, monsters, well muscled men and women barbarians engrossed in life and death battle. 6633/images/


Chris Achilleos ‘a British illustrator, painter and conceptual artist. He has created some of the best-loved fantasy and glamour art. He grew up in a rural village in Cyprus, moved to London where he began drawing shortly afterwards.
He is best known for his unique interpretation of stunning amazons, epic dragons, ancient civilization and mythology paintings. His work depicting and always striving for that unobtainable perfection, embellishes hundreds of fantasy book covers in the seventies and eighties. 1200&bih=953&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0a hUKEwifx73B67bLAhUBZA8KHX8FD34QsAQIMA&dpr=0.8


Anne Stoke s’ lives in Leeds and has been a full time artist for about twelve years. Depicting striking designs and life like portrail of her visionary world of fantasy, mythical, characters, gothic dungeons, dragons and tattoos. Working largely for the games industry and a wide range of merchandise. Covering a broad range of subjects, from romantic and magical enchanted places to dark gothic underworlds. Classic subjects reinvented with strong design to have maximum impact and new creatures brought to life in an eye catching manner.


Michael Waters (Sevencrows) a New York artist. There is little information available about him. He predominantly depicts fantasy, science fiction and mystical art. Cleverly camouflaged exceptionally plausible dragons being my favourite.


Marcin Jubowski a Polish freelance illustrator and creator of concept art. Involved in many projects in particular connected with CG animation, TV and advertising. A self- taught digital graphics artist. Using imagination to create new worlds in numerous styles and genres, putting high stress on the climate of his works.

All capture my imagination and influence my own art along with nature, mythology and public issues. I am Catherine Durden a Hertfordshire freelance artist. I combine photo-realism with fantasy and imagination, savouring the power of recogniseable objects. My compositions strive to capture the viewers’ imagination and occupy their interest. To compliment real yet created ideas. Carried out predominantly using paints, the images telling a story.


Fire Spirit, capturing the destructive yet visually beautiful power of fire. The hypnotizing constant motion, the dark and light created. Acrylic and gouache paints on canvas.


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    Workmanship does not repeat what we see; rather, it makes us see.