Importance of Lube Skid

Bringing back the machine to the shop for maintenance is not only hard but also costly too. You would require to grease the machine, fuel the machine. A machine can often require to grease it or fuel it during the work period. If you take back the machine to the shop for fueling it would cost you more and it's time-consuming too. Your work also gets stuck in the midway which is not good. So what is the alternate way? As an alternative, you can use the lube trailers or lube truck. The lube skid will allow you to fuel the machine safely and that's too in the jobsite. These units have the self container. If you have this unit in your job site you do not have to use the locker for oil storage. The unit itself has the tank where it store the fluids.

Advantages of lube skids

Job sites where the mobility and flexibility is needed their lube skid plays a vital role. This mainly use in the construction sites. Lube skids often seen in the agricultural industry and gas oil industry.This unit can be easily loaded and unloaded.

You can say lube is utilize for filing oil in the machine, greases. It contains a storage tank. So you don't require for the container or barrel or any types of oil storage locker. Most the lube skids come with 5years of warranty. After purchasing you will get the after sale service as well. It can easily move from one place to another. Lube skids is not the lube trucks. Lube skids are cheaper than the lube trucks. Lube skids don't have the chassis and its insurance premium is also less than a oil truck.

You can take the packages of lube skids. Several packages are available. Small package for the half-ton pickup truck. It is needed for fueling the trucks but do not forget that it also require maintenance. A cracked oil tank or a broken part is alarming. It's a sign of danger.

Buy or take on rent

You can buy or you can take the unit on rent. As the price is high and not everyone can afford it. If you search from net there are thousands of manufacturing companies are there who provide lube skids on rent.


So you can see what the advantages of lube skid are. Before buying or taking on rent check all the features of the unit.

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