Importance Of Chemical Cleaning Boiler

A machine needs good maintenance. If you want the machine to provide good service in the long run, maintenance is essential. For boiler maintenance, chemical cleaning plays a vital role. Through Chemical cleaning, you can clean the deposits from the tubes of the boiler. Deposits do not allow the boiler to work properly. Boiler Chemical cleaning increases the heat of the boiler and reduces machine failure. It improves the stability of the machine too. It is true that chemical cleaning is expensive. Though it depends on the size of the boiler. Be careful during the cleaning session.

The right time to clean

There is no fixed time for cleaning of the boiler. Whenever you feel to clean you can go for the boiler chemical cleaning procedure. You can check a few things before taking the decision of boiler cleaning. Like Deposits load in the tube samples. Check the high heat flux areas and take two or three samples of the boiler and check how much deposits have loaded inside the tube. It is the best way to understand about the deposits,thus you get know when you should do the chemical cleaning.

Importance of chemical cleaning

From last few years, chemical cleaning has gained popularity. For boiler maintenance, it is considered as the necessary part. The main purpose of chemical cleaning is to remove all the deposits inside the tubes. Boilers are two types

  • High-pressure boiler
  • Low-pressure boiler

In a low-pressure boiler, chemical cleaning removes hard adherent and calcium carbonate. In the high-pressure boiler, cleaning removes the copper and magnetite.

Boiler cleaning stages

  • Mechanical cleaning- water flushing and mechanical cleaning help to remove all the loose particles and much other debris through brushing, wiping, blowing and friction method.
  • Alkaline treatment- boiler chemical cleaning procedure use this method too. This cleaning method helps to remove hydrocarbons.
  • Solvent cleaning- in this process acid is used to remove scale from the boiler tube.
  • Passivation and neutralization-Through this procedure you will be able to remove the last trace of iron oxide.

Types of chemical cleaning

Boiler cleaning can be classified into two.

  • Alkaline and
  • Acid

 Alkaline cleaning procedure help to remove the greases, oils, and paints too. Alkaline also use to remove the soften scale too. Acid cleaning procedure removes the mill scale, boiler scale, adhering sludge and various corrosion product.


The procedure of Boiler chemical cleaning of the boiler isb100% safe and secure. Go for cleaning whenever you are required.

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