How to make it as an Oracle Database Design Administrator

In this day and age, Oracle database administrators are a significant part of any businesses record keeping process. And for that reason, many people have gained interest in becoming oracle database administrators. But who can blame them anyway? The salary of an expert oracle administrator is very attractive.

Congratulations to you for choosing this career path. But before we jump the gun, let’s have a closer look at the reality of this profession. First, to be crowned as one of the best Oracle Database Administrators, you have to be hardworking, selfless and ready to work. Believe or not, once you are in, you have to be ready for a 24/7 call to duty; for instance, you might get called back to work during vacations.

On the upside though,the profession is gradually gaining popularity and because of its ever changing nature, you can rest assured that you will not be getting bored of your job any time soon. If you want to become a world leader to be reckoned with, becoming an Oracle Database Administrator is just the perfect profession for you. Imagine yourself with a six figure paying job and excellent management and leadership credentials to show! Perfect, right?

Well, before you get all excited and carried away, here are a few things you must learn about how to become a successful Oracle DBA.

According to, a database administrator does more than just keep the database up and running. He or she is someone who contributes a whole lot to a company’s financial performance. For starters, a DBA has a major role in building a good relationship between the company and its customers, especially if the company manages other companies’ data. Basically, it is the responsibility of the DBA to safeguard the security of the company’s data.

Who Qualifies For the Job?

  • Any person that is IT savvy, already has some workexperience and is ready to join the realm of database administration.


  • College students who have the passion and the zeal to go into Oracle database administration as soon as they are done with college.


  • Fresh graduates who are willing to work in the IT industry and are ready to fully commit themselves.


  • Anyone who is willing to venture into IT


  • IT developers who want to learn more about Oracle database administration and alldatabase fundamentals


Steps to Becoming an Oracle DBA

  1. Select your Operating System

When you are a beginner in the industry, you do not want to overwhelm yourself with the unknowns. So, choose an operating system that you are familiar with and one that is perfect for beginners. For example, if you know your way around windows, it only makes sense for you to go for windows Oracle database downloads for a start.

  1. Get your Certification

If you ask anyone who has been a DBA for a long time, they will tell you that getting Oracle certification is a perfect starting point for anyone aspiring to make it in the industry. So, do not lag behind. By getting that certification, you are rest assured that you are a certifiedOracle professional who is ready to hit the market.

  1. Acquaint Yourself with Virtualization

Once you are familiar with the database fundamentals, you will notice that you will be working with multiple operating systems. Therefore, it is important that once you get comfortable you familiarize yourself with a variety of operating systems.

For a good start, try a few tricks with Oracle VirtualBox. The VirtualBox will allow you to run different virtual machines with multiple operatingsystems through your PC. This is a perfect opportunity for you to observe and learn. Whenever you feel stuck, do not be afraid; ensure that you read basics on introduction to virtualization. After all, the more you try and find out things on your own, the more you become acquainted.

  1. Learn about Automatic Storage Manager

By this time, you should be feeling a bit confident about your skills and knowledge in Oracle database administration. It is therefore safe for you to start learning some basics about ASM (Automatic Storage Manager). Here, you will also need to familiarize yourself with grid infrastructure technologies as both are stepping stones to the core of database administration and Real Application Cluster Installations. Therefore, invest your time into this and you will be glad that you did once you become a fulltime, professional Oracle database administrator.

  1. Have some In-depth Knowledge on Software Engineering and Web Applications

If you have academic qualifications in Computers Science, IT or a related field, then you are a step closer to becoming an Oracle DBA. However, if you were on a different career path and have little or no qualifications on the above, then you might consider going back to school. A college or university degree would be just perfect. Nevertheless, software engineering and web applications go hand in hand in database administration.

  1. Don’t Be Too Proud to Take Instructions

Remember that you are just starting your career and regardless of how good you are or how knowledgeable you are in Oracle DBA, do not be too proud. No one in the industry wants to work with someone who cannot take instructions or someone who is so full of themselves. Humble yourself and be professional.

What are The Characteristics of Good Leadership in Oracle Database Administration?

  • A good administrator is good with details – He or she should have in-depth knowledge, technical skill and expertise in database administration, software and web applications. Additionally, exceptional database administrators must be able to comprehensively and exhaustively perform their tasks.


  • A good administrator must enjoy new challenges –The industry is ever changing and unless you embrace change and accept to face each and every challenge that comes, then sorry but you are in the wrong profession.


  • A good administrator enjoys learning ­–In the world of IT, there is nothing like too much knowledge. New concepts and ideas come with each day that passes. Therefore, a good oracle database administrator will be open to learning more all the time.



Becoming a database administrator requires full time commitment.  Large companies cannot entrust their important data to just anyone. They want to hire a professional DBA who can demonstrate dedication to their line of work and who is frequently acquiring new certifications and knowledge. 



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