How to load AOL on a new computer

Do you feel that setting up your existing AOL account on a new computer would be a tedious job? You need to give away with all these existing thoughts as the process of loading AOL on a new system is secure. AOL is a web browser and internet service provider which offers its users email accounts other than providing different internet services. It is quite easy to update your account information in a new computer and access AOL software. Your AOL account retains all the information including your username, passwords, emails and other account settings when you set it up on a new computer. The steps are really simple and can be initiated by any user. In case you require any technical assistance, the option of reaching out to aol tech support phone number is available 24*7.

The steps to load AOL into a new computer

  • In your old computer, insert a CD into the CD drive and copy the AOL software and its contents.
  • Now power on your new computer. Log in to the system with your username and password.
  • Once the system starts, insert the CD into the CD drive. It will automatically start the setup process and would ask you to install the existing AOL software.
  • If you find that no action is being taken, click on My computer.
  • Navigate to the drive which contains the CD.
  • Look for the file which ends with .exe
  • Click on it to start the setup process.
  • Once you are through with the setup, in the wizard window, click on ‘Current Member.’
  • After that, choose to ‘Add your existing account to this computer.’ To proceed with the steps, click on ‘Next.’
  • Look for the category ‘Select Destination Directory’ Click on the Browse button. Then click on the Program File folder to install the AOL software.
  • The process of installing the AOL software will start, and the setup process takes a few minutes depending on the operating system and speed of the internet connection.
  • Once the software has been set up, enter your existing AOL username and password.
  • Now remove the CD. Restart the system once the setup is complete.

There are also other options available for the users. One can browse AOL software through its official website. However, this is beneficial and effective for checking your emails. But if you want to navigate the experience of browsing seamlessly through your AOL Desktop Gold, it is better to install the existing software in your new system. However, if you come across any issue and want to avail technical help; services of  aol customer care is readily available via a toll-free number.

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