How to find the right lawyer for your business

You’ll need a lawyer sometime in your professional career. It’s an unavoidable fact. Trademarks, patents, drafting up terms and conditions—whatever the reason, you’ll find yourself plunged into the confusing world of law.

Daniel van Binsbergen, founder of legal search and comparison site Lexoo, tells you how his company can help you easily find the right lawyer for you and how you can avoid paying too much for their services.

Who are Lexoo? Tell us a bit about how and why your company was born and how it’s all gone so far.
My name’s Daniel van Binsbergen. Before Lexoo, I practised as a lawyer. After being continually asked to recommend lawyers to friends and acquaintances running their own businesses, I became very aware that it was hard for entrepreneurs to find the right one. The big firms operate on fat margins from fancy offices, while the high street firms won’t necessarily have the right experience.

I started Lexoo to solve that problem. I’m proud to say that we’re now the number one platform for finding, comparing and hiring business legal services in the UK.

We help business owners get quotes from three to four solicitors within hours, but the real value we add is finding the right lawyers to quote. Not all lawyers are created equal, so we spend a lot of our time rigorously screening and interviewing lawyers before they can join the platform. Our sweet spot is finding specialised lawyers who just to work for larger firms, but for lifestyle reasons are now working on a lower overhead basis.

By finding lawyers who work on a lower overhead basis and introducing a bit of competition, we can typically save businesses 46%+ on their legal fees compared to what they were spending before.

Businesses don’t pay anything to use Lexoo. You join the site for free and all requests are free of charge too. Instead, we get paid a marketing fee by our lawyers when a business accepts their quote. So far we’ve helped over 6,000 businesses get access to affordable high quality legal advice and we were voted in the UK’s Top 100 Start-ups 2015 (by

What’s your role at the company?
It’s my responsibility to set the overall vision for the company and to make sure our team has got what they need for us to get there. This means making sure that everyone’s happy—our staff, our clients, our investors, and anyone else who is part of the Lexoo family.

I make sure that we are providing clients with the highest possible level of service. This includes ensuring that we are not only matching businesses with the best possible lawyers but also that we are doing it in the most effective and efficient way possible. The platform operates on an invitation-only basis as far as the lawyers are concerned and they are closely screened for the right experience and expertise.

Overall, I’m excited about the way that Lexoo is taking law into the 21st century. Technology is disrupting so many industries—there’s Airbnb for hospitality, Uber for transport and now Lexoo for law.

Any good stories to share?
Makers Academy is a coding bootcamp that has graduated hundreds of students, helping complete beginners to get to a professional Junior Software Developer level before placing them into their first job. We helped Founder and CEO, Evgeny Shadchnev, to find a specialist commercial lease solicitor when they were moving into their new space. He says:

"For me the biggest challenge is finding a lawyer who I can trust and who I know has the relevant expertise in this area. I'm not a lawyer myself so I don't really understand how it works.

When I talk to lawyers, often I don't really understand what they are trying to say. Sometimes I would speak to different companies and they would give me the quotes that would be so different. The value of Lexoo comes in the additional independent advice on top of the quotes.

Lexoo tells you, ‘Hey, here is the list of lawyers that we know are good at this stuff. These are their quotes and here is why we think these ones are going to charge £3,000 and another wants to charge £10,000.’ This really, really helps.

So what would customers use your service for?
Lexoo is now working with over 200 lawyers who operate in all areas of law that affect businesses. We cover everything from financial regulation to employment law, terms and conditions, commercial leases, shareholder agreements, trademarks and patents—you name it, we can help you with it. You just need to submit your quote here.

On average, the resulting legal bill is nearly half that generated by bricks and mortar firms. The majority of our lawyers are ex-city lawyers who, for lifestyle reasons, started their own firm with lower overheads. As a result they can charge roughly half their former rates.

To give businesses an idea of what they should be paying, we recently published a price index that shows the average quoted prices for different legal matters, after running a data analysis on over 15,000 quotes submitted through the Lexoo platform. Our legal price index is available for free here.

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