How to : design travel inspired stationary

Whether it is wedding stationery for an exotic destination wedding, or a Mexican inspired new years party, the airmail/travel trend is a popular selection for all joyous occasions! 

There are a so many ways the theme can be executed; from creating your own stamps, to luggage tags.  It’s an exciting trend to create quirky, fun designs, and I will share a few tips on concepts that I think work really well, and a tutorial on creating a simple stamp!

I think in designing travel/airmail concepts, there are two routes which you can venture down:

1. Vintage airmail - keeping in theme with the traditional look, creating textures to enhance a worn out effect.


Vintage Airmail

2. Modern twist - colours not necessarily associated with airmail (red,white and blue), clean crisp finish, and still retaining the travel theme.

Modern Twist

I’ve never noticed this until recently, but there are so many different pieces of papers that go into one wedding. There is the save the date, and then the invite, and the RSVP, and a menu checklist with how many people in your family are attending, and the occasional information booklet for places to stay nearby. 

Collaborating wedding stationery with the airmail/travel theme, was a stroke of genius - whoever came up with that…Kudos!! You can adapt each piece accordingly to its purpose, for example - RSVP and menu on a postcard, which can be sent right back without an envelope, or even a passport book with all the information for accommodation, and car hire.




A while ago I designed travel inspired wedding invites. They were in the shape of boarding passes, which I absolutely adored creating! This was a modern twist that the couple opted for, they wanted to keep in theme with their wedding colours. 

   Airmail Boarding Pass

I think when designing, keep in mind the small details, that edifies the concept - especially when using a modern twist. As a designer, I analyse anything that catches my eye creatively, and its these little details that I think can make the design that little bit more special. In this instance, I think the barcode plays such a huge part in this piece. It is such a simple thing, but adds bounds. 

Adding maps adds such an awesome addition to the theme! Whether it be illustrations of maps or old pages in A-Z. Here are a few map inspired design pieces that I adore!


Maps! Glorious Maps! 



One thing that I think is the cherry on top for all airmail/travel stationery are the beautifully crafted postage stamps! This is such an easy process, for a novice or a designer.

Here's an invite I designed for a client's big birthday bash which showcases the stamp that I will be showing you on how to create on Adobe Illustrator. 



You can find this little tutorial on how to create these little beauties on the link below! Enjoy!

HOW TO: Create a postage stamp in Adobe Illustrator






  • David Brookes-Lennon Posted 3 years ago