How to create business card designs that show personal ‘character’

The demand for business cards that showcase individual style and personality is on the rise. The ubiquitous nature of business cards means that no matter how experienced a designer you are, creating something new and fresh each time can present a challenge. Far from being a representation of current trends within the design world, a card has to say something relevant and personal about that client, otherwise it’s just another trendy piece of print that severely lacks substance.

Innovative, personalised designs are more than just testing or going against the limitations of what we would consider the networking ‘norm’ but instead serve as an opportunity to showcase personal skills, the benefits of working with a particular business, or to reinforce certain aspects of their brand. Having received a brief from your client on what they perceive to be the most important aspects of their company, brand and skillset, you will be well placed to start thinking about ways you can bring this into actuation with your design know-how.

Presentation of information is a good way to show personality in a card. It is an excellent display of that particular person’s communication skills, the ideas they have about the relay of information and how easy they are to contact. Instead of just stacking the various forms of contact information up, think about relevant ways this information can be presented, or even if all the normal methods of contact are needed for that particular individual.

It is worth considering size, shape and use of the medium of business cards. A business card doesn’t have to be 85mm x 55mm, in fact, an innovative shape is a better way for an individual card to stand out within a stack. Square, circular or unusually sized cards can be utilised to highlight or offset the shape of a logo, making it more than the sum of its parts.
You also may find that taking what the business does and using that as the foundation for your design gives you all the tools you need to create something more unique. After all—a picture is worth a thousand words, and a business card definitely doesn’t have the real estate for a thousand words.

Although you may not want to rely on this method to help you achieve a personalised design, incorporating current design trends can help you support some of the methods we’ve discussed above in a way that appears more current and on-point. Intricately placed typography, the use of texture (either insinuated or tangible) and minimalism can be brought into play to help you illustrate an aspect of your client’s brand or personality and give a card more character.

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