YouTube: mastering the basics

It’s no secret that here at we love video. We find it’s a great way to introduce you to our latest products, tell our Customer Stories and just to have a little bit of fun. YouTube receives up to two million views every day, so if you have something to promote, you really don’t want to miss out on this potentially huge audience.
Out of all the video networks and platforms available today, YouTube is the most well-known and easily accessible, most people have YouTube apps on their smartphones after all, but now that YouTube has exceeded one billion views, how do you go about getting noticed? If you master these five basics, you can be one step closer to achieving virality and making a name for yourself on YouTube.

1. Decide on your angle and content

Work out whether you’re going to go for glossy corporate videos or go down the route of the lo/no budget guerrilla-style short. Find a style and stick to it, rather than hopping all over the place.
While you’re creating the content, bear in mind that videos should either inspire positive emotions in your audience or be helpful to the viewer. If your video doesn’t do either of these things, you should reconsider using it.

2. Make a plan

If you really want to make an impact on YouTube, you need to be posting regularly. Viral success very rarely happens because of a one-off post – it takes practice and time.
Create a posting schedule, whether it’s once a month, once a week or every couple of days. If you post regularly you’ll be able to attract more of a following and gradually awareness of your channel will spread through word of mouth and sharing.
If you’re short on production time and can’t commit to making a new video every week, you can mass-produce your videos and get them ready in advance or you can create one long video that you can break up and release as a series.

3. Optimize your video

Your videos are already going to have a small audience through your current fanbase and how Google gives priority ranking to sites that host video content. You can increase this by adding tags to your videos to target specific audiences. Don’t get too ‘tag happy’ though, otherwise your video could be mistaken for spam. Keep your tags relevant and use Adwords or the Keywords tool in YouTube if you get stuck.

4. Optimize your channel

YouTube has recently unveiled new changes to optimize your brand channel. You can now personalize your channel’s theme to keep it on brand with your business, add more links, featured playlists and even other channels.
Playlists are one of the most useful ways you can optimize your channel to increase views as you can group different videos together, which will encourage viewers to watch more than one.

5. Get involved

Why would people watch your videos if you’re not watching theirs? This is not always the case but in a similar way to blogging, it makes sense to get involved with other channels on YouTube. Find similar channels in your niche and watch their videos, subscribe to their channels, like, share and comment. Show that you’re active on the platform in more ways than just uploading your own content and you’ll see how your following grows as you interact with more and more people.
These tips may be taking some of you back to basics and some may even count as common sense but you’ll be surprised at how often they are overlooked.

If there is anything we may have missed or you have a clever little trick that you feel is vital to emphasising your presence on YouTube, please let us know in the comments below.


01 Dec 2015 09:07
Great tips - something I want to explore so very useful
03 Jun 2016 07:19
thanks - don't think going down this route is for me but it's interesting to read about

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