You’re invited: our best Halloween party ideas

It's nearly here! The only time of the year you can really get fancy dress crazy, without being laughed out of your local drinking establishment. We all love Halloween—it gives us an excuse to look foolish whilst partying with friends and family. It's also a great time of year for kids, as they thoroughly enjoy ghoulish tales, dressing up, and bobbing for apples.

If you're planning on hosting your own Halloween party this year, then we've got a few treats (no tricks, we promise) for you. Below you'll find some of the best Halloween party ideas to get those creative juices flowing. We've even given you some hints and tips on Halloween invitations, costumes and props. Enjoy, my pretties (insert evil witch cackle here)!

Adults only and work parties

If you're planning on having an adults only get together, such as for work colleagues, then you'll be looking for some especially creepy party ideas. With the children all away, the creepy costumes and props can come out to play. Here are some Halloween party ideas that are bang on-trend and sure to send shivers down your spine.  

  • Haunted hospital
    Want to completely freak your friends and family out with something a little unusual? Then a haunted hospital Halloween party theme is the way to go. Depending on how creepy you want to go, there are plenty of ideas to spruce up your haunted hospital.

Turn your living room into a disused doctor’s surgery, complete with jars full of ears and old medical books. Make sure you serve up some stomach churning treats, including brain cupcakes and sticky ribs. If you really want to go all out and impress, then hand out some old pill jars filled with mints. Don't forget to print out some labels and include a prescription for a “dangerously good time”!

  • Zombie apocalypse
    If you're a Walking Dead fan, chances are you've already considered a zombie apocalypse Halloween party theme. Turn your lounge into a survivor’s hub, complete with blood stained maps on the walls and emergency drinking water (or rum punch). Serve up your party food in ration tins for the survivors and a meaty, brainy mess for the zombies.

You can have a lot of fun with zombie apocalypse Halloween invitations; why not design and print them in the style of hazard or warning signs? Alternatively hand out survivor leaflets as invites, instead. Let your guests decide whether they want to come as survivors or zombies and watch their imaginations run wild.

  • Creepy carnival
    As far as on-trend costume party ideas go, this has got to top the list. Thanks to American Horror Story: Freak Show and the creepy clown sightings around the UK and US, carnivals are hot property right now. The best thing about this Halloween party theme is that you can go wild with colour, decoration and costumes.

Turn your home into a Big Top, let guests come as clowns and freaks, then serve up some rather delicious carnival food (popcorn and cotton candy, for example). Stuck for ideas on how to design and print a Halloween invite for your creepy carnival party? We're thinking lots of red and white stripes, and plenty of black glitter. All carnivals have glitter.


Children's parties

When it comes to hosting a kids Halloween party, you have to think a little bit less adult; basically, a little less spooky. Although children love all things ghoulish, you don't want complaints from little Tommy's parents, as he hasn't been able to sleep in a week. We've got some Halloween party inspiration for you, that won't freak the kids out too much.

  • Mad laboratory
    Everyone loves a mad scientist, right? A mad lab is a great way to add just the right amount of spookiness into a children's Halloween party. We're thinking Frankenstein-like monsters, edible brains and even an operating table to eat off.

Fill glass jars with jelly that kids can scoop right out. How about handing out lab coats to each of the children when they eat? Not only will they look super cool, but they'll also preserve their costumes from any food spillage. Of course, one of the parents is going to have to dress up as the mad scientist, so get your best Einstein hair at the ready.

  • Haunted house
    Children love haunted houses; ghosts made of sheets and glow in the dark skeletons. This is quite a basic party to put together, but can be one of the most effective. You can buy plenty of decorations, including fake spider webs, to put up over the entire house.

This theme also makes for some of the best Halloween invitations—you can let your imagination run wild. Design and print a Halloween invite that looks like your own house, only made creepier. Alternatively, opt for a classic skeleton or spider web shape for the invites.

  • Wonderland
    Alice in Wonderland is one of the best Halloween party ideas, ever. In fact, it's one of the best costume party ideas, ever. This theme is best suited for little people, as it's not overly creepy. If you have younger kids then they'll all happily dress up as Alice, The Queen of Hearts or The Mad Hatter.

Run a costume competition and award the best with stickers and sweeties as prizes. You can recreate the famous tea party, complete with cakes and quaint teapots, which will appeal to everybody. You can find plenty of inspiration for Alice in Wonderland themed parties and invitations all over the internet, so you'll never be stuck for ideas.


Adults and kids parties
Some of the best Halloween parties involve both adults and kids, as it means you can mix spooky themes with something more fun. Here are a couple of ideas that will work best in a party for all ages.

  • Mexican Day of the Dead
    Although the thought of Day of the Dead may send shivers down your spine, this is actually a really colourful and interesting theme. As far as Halloween party ideas go, it's definitely one of our favourites. If you have a creative mind then you'll love designing invitations, decorations and even party bags for this one!

We've seen some fantastic inspiration on Pinterest for Day of the Dead parties, which include colourful pom-poms everywhere, Mexican sugar skulls and even piñatas. Print off some leaflets which explain to your guest what the traditional Mexican festival means and include them with your Halloween party invitations; both fun and educational! 

  • Traditional Halloween
    Last up, we couldn't put together a list of Halloween party themes without the most popular. A traditional Halloween party suits everybody, from every age group, and means people can wear pretty much what they want. Here are a few of our favourite costume ideas for a traditional Halloween party:

             Colour coded – black and white, or black and orange

Witches and warlocks – flip a coin to decide who gets to be Hermione

Ghosts and ghouls – perfect way to use up old sheets

Cute animals – if you've ever seen Mean Girls then you'll know what we're talking about

A dead something or other – dead nurse, dead doll, dead policewoman, dead bride, get the drift

You can be as creative as you like with a traditional Halloween party, from designing and printing your own invites to completely redecorating the house. Alternatively, just buy a dry ice machine and turn all the lights off. The choice is yours!


We hope that our Halloween party ideas have got you in the mood for the 31st of October; they certainly have us! Whatever you're doing on the day, make sure you have a wonderfully fun and spooky Halloween. Now excuse us, we're on the hunt for a zombie corpse bride clown costume.



03 Nov 2014 19:11
Love this, wish I'd seen it sooner! Bring on next year
Alex Wilkie
27 Nov 2014 10:38
Some of these ideas can be tweeked to use all year round

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