Your wedding colour palette: the secrets every bride should know

Here at, it is our mission to make designing/planning a wedding as simple as possible. When we heard that there were innocent civilians stressing needlessly over something as fundamental as the colour palette, we knew we had to take action. In this post we’ll take the stress out of decision making and discuss how to isolate the mood for the festivities by selecting the right kinds of colours, as well as easy ways to make a strong, quick decision.

Set the mood
The colour palette you choose will ultimately affect the mood of the wedding—even something simple as a napkin in the wrong shade can throw everything out of kilter. Before you start digging those swatches out, sit down and have a think about how you want your day to feel, then pick your colours from there.

Vibrant colours

To add a splash of drama, make sure your colour palette is packed full of vibrant, statement colours. You can mix these with neutral colours to create a strong statement colour scheme, or clash them for something more eye-catching.

For unbridled romance, make sure that your colour palette features softer, more delicate hues. Light metallics, whites, creams, light greys and soft pinks adore romantic mood colour palettes and put everyone in a sentimental frame of mind.

Create an organic feel with a sample of earthy, natural colours mixed with pop of brightness. Nudes, browns, greens and even textures like hessian and cotton will help you pin this mood down.

Celebrate in the autumn or winter by adding darker colours to your palette, like berry tones and Christmas-themed shades. If summer or spring is when you set the date, try cool, romantic pastels.

How to make your final choices
it’s best to limit your colour palette to two or three main colours for a more ‘together’ look. Here are a couple of methods to help you boil down those colours to a final selection that you can work easily with.

  • Pick your favourite Sounds obvious, but in all the hubbub of wedding planning, it’s easy to lose sight of the most simple solutions. When in doubt, just pick your favourite colour and use it as a statement, keeping all the other colours neutral and complementary. 
  • Consider the venue It’s no use spending hours picking out your colour palette only to get to the venue and find that the carpet, curtains or furniture clash hideously with your selections. It’s always worth paying the venue a visit before you get started to make sure that you can use the colour you want, or to be able to work with what is already there. 
  • Most popular Thousands of brides can’t be wrong, right? The most popular wedding colours to date have been blue at 30%, purple at 25% and green at 24%. Not one to go with the flow? Use these stats to choose something completely different to the norm.
  • Be Kuler Kuler, an application by Adobe, will help you choose and save various colour palettes to view at your convenience. If you’re having a spot of trouble making a choice, it’s well worth a download. 

Feel better? We thought so! Now that you’re armed with new knowledge, you can head off to your mountain of swatches and start ordering your wedding stationery in complete confidence!



21 Sep 2014 17:39
Nice blog- some useful tips!
Alex Wilkie
21 Oct 2014 11:43
very useful regarding popularity of colours
08 Dec 2014 16:18
great tips! Keep reading you articles - they are very useful! wedding preps are not that stressful anymore!
Mirlah @ Best Day Ever
21 May 2015 11:07
Lovely post! Colour can really set the tone! xox
08 Nov 2015 09:40
Good advice, thanks.

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