Nick Green and want to make your life easier ordering printed materials

Hi Nick, Thanks for doing this. How are you doing today?

Great thanks! Amongst other things, has just launched a new campaign in conjunction with Centrepoint so we’re very busy in the office.

Can you give us some background information about yourself?

I’m a born and bred Londoner. I left school and sold satellite dishes door to door as my first job. I then progressed to the Daily Telegraph classified sales department, before moving on to other companies such as Teletext and After years of experience in this field, I started up Tangent with my family, the now parent company of

How did the idea for come about?

We began with a trade printing site and after its success, we were confident that we could do more. From this point, we set out to bring innovation to the print sector, and to create a simple and accessible online shop that would challenge the way in which print is traditionally ordered.

Tell me about the early days, what was the hardest part of starting the business?

I think it would be not having extensive technical knowledge but we certainly learnt fast on our feet! As an entrepreneur, you have to be willing to absorb as much as you possibly can and think quickly. Although not initially an expert in technology, I threw myself into it with real entrepreneurial spirit.

What is And what are you trying to solve with it?

We want to make life easier for people that want to order printed materials in a fun and more rewarding manner.


Source: "Nick Green and want to make your life easier ordering printed materials" (Your Hidden Potential)


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